Triple H: The Jury Is Still Out On Jinder Mahal Title Reign

Although some think otherwise, Triple H says that the jury is still out when it comes to Jinder Mahal's title run.

He spoke recently to News 18, plugging the upcoming tour of India in December. When talking about Jinder Mahal, he says that through his hard work and determination, he has earned his respect. How he is doing as a champion, however, can be interpreted in many ways:

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Jinder has been champion for 3 months here. I think you know there’s different ways to look at it. If I’m going to answer that from a wrestler’s point or a WWE superstar standpoint, sometimes people are looking at Jinder and saying maybe he doesn’t deserve the championship, it’s too early for him. They fail to see that Jinder was here before and yes he did not succeed the first time he was here and he went away and he left but they don’t see the hard work they don’t see the dedication he’s put in he has worked really hard and if I can say one thing from my point of view, Jinder has earned my respect. As not only a WWE superstar but as a champion I think the jury is out. I think it takes time to establish yourself as a champion you know superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Myself or The Rock or John Cena weren’t built overnight. They take time. It takes time to earn the respect of a fan base and I think that’s what Jinder will do if he continues to put on the performance he does. He will continue to earn their respect over time. If he doesn’t then he clearly won’t be champion for long.

Jinder Mahal has been WWE champion since May, winning the title at Backlash, defeating Randy Orton for the title. He is scheduled to face Kevin Owens during the tour in India, and will also face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. 

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