Triple H Loves Glorious Bombs

Triple H is a fan of the Glorious superstar, and is now a fan of #GLORIOUSBOMB as well.

NXT star and Cruiserweight Classic competitor Johnny Gargano was interviewed on This is Awesome Wrestling Show podcast in an episode released Wednesday. Johnny Wrestling talked about NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, among other things. But #GLORIOUSBOMB seemed to be a hot topic.

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“After we posted a few, someone showed us a text message from Triple H, saying ‘Tell Gargano and Ciampa I love the Glorious Bombs.’ So we are like, if he loves them, we gotta keep doing them,’” Gargano said.

A Glorious Bomb is a photo bomb with some variation. Gargano and tag team partner Tomasso Ciampa sneak up on Bobby Roode and play his extremely catchy theme song in different situations.

Gagano posted the first #GLORIOUSBOMB August 6 on Instagram, with himself and Ciampa surprising Roode working out in the gym. Other Glorious Bombs the duo have done include kicking open bathroom stalls, using a Glorious Bomb to wake up Roode, and Glorious Bomb-ing Roode on the NXT bus.

Gargano posts the Glorious Bombs on his Instagram (@thejohnnygargano) and Twitter (@johnnygargano).

Roode’s NXT entrance music has the wrestling world singing “GLOR-I-OUS” on repeat (and for good reason). But a misunderstanding about the song lead to the start of Glorious Bombs.

While preparing for the Cruiserweight Classic, Roode’s theme song “Glorious Domination” was played coincidentally. Gargano and other wrestlers thought it would be the theme song or a song used in the CWC. After he and others figured out the song was not for CWC and was for Roode, Gargano was disappointed. But the situation ultimately lead to #GLORIOUSBOMB.

Although they’ve had their fun with Roode and Glorious Bombs, there’s at least one more Gargano and Ciampa have done. But they have not yet released it.

“There’s one in the can, not spoiling it, but you’ll see it when it comes eventually,” Gargano said.

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