Triple H Says Vince Has Big Post-WrestleMania Plans For Braun Strowman

Triple H recently appeared on The Cheap Heat Podcast with occasional Kickoff-Show Co-Host Peter Rosenberg, and the conversation turned to one of the hottest acts on RAW, "The Monster Among Men," Braun Strowman.

Many of Braun's fans (myself included) have been kind of outraged that he doesn't have much to do at WrestleMania 33. But Hunter tried to assuage our fears that, now that he's been built up and fed to Roman Reigns to put the big dog over before his match with Taker, Braun will be forced to fade into the background. According to Trips, Vince has big plans for Braun, even if he himself doesn't know what those plans are.

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“Yeah, I’m not 100% sure exactly the plan. Look, I can’t imagine… this is the time of year that everybody is so busy. I haven’t been… Vince has been laying out a lot of this and I haven’t been around for a lot of it because we’ve kind of been running in different directions, so to speak, with a lot of our projects and stuff, so I haven’t had that exact conversation with him. I’m imagining, though, he has got a lot of stuff behind him. I can’t imagine we’re going to just let that fall off, and, surely, that there are big plans for him on the other side. I know that.”

Of course, Braun wasn't always in the good graces of The Chairman of the Board. Triple H told a story about a time when Braun, early in his WWE career and still green as grass, made a mistake in the ring that he was already coached about.

“There was a period of time, he had been with us now, maybe a month or two after he debuted on the main roster, and he did something in the ring that Vince had just told him about, and, or, had me talk to him about, and then he did it again. And Vince looks at me and he goes, ‘what is the matter with this guy? Like, I don’t get that. Is he going to make it or… I don’t understand why he doesn’t get that. What is wrong with him?’ And I looked at him and I go, ‘Vince, it’s like his fifteenth match.’ Like, do you know what I mean? ‘He’s trying to figure out what he’s doing. He’s lucky he got in the ring today.’ And he looked right at me and he was like, ‘that’s a really great point. Never mind.'”

Braun is expected to be entered into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and is the current favorite to win it. We'll have to see what happens with a possible push after that on the following Raw.

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