NXT is coming to India, if Triple H has his way.

After some extended projects for WWE in India, Triple H hopes that one day they'll have a dedicated WWE Performance Center there. When speaking on the pre-Takeover WarGames media call, HHH expanded on the possibility.

"To me, the long term goal of this is to expand the brand of NXT globally. Much like we did US, then branched into the UK, and we've learned a lot in that process. India, I'm using that as an example, is a key place that I'd like to be, and it comes with a lot of challenges and hurdles that UK helped us learn is a new place to do business. I think there will probably be some announcements in the short-term of us making movements in different markets in the world. Whether that be established markets, or some brand new markets with localized talent, for example in India, creating an NXT brand on the groud with Indian talent and other talent around the world -- that's the goal," he said.

Triple H reiterated how much they loved the market, noting that they just actually sent record-setting Women's Champion Charlotte Flair to the country.

"I thank the people of India. It's an amazing place, and they love WWE there. Charlotte just got back from there, and couldn't stop raving about the experience," said Triple H.

Triple H himself has wrestled there a couple of times, beating Jinder Mahal in 2017, and facing Diesel in 1996.

You can hear the full Triple H media call below.

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