Tyler Breeze Reflects On DaParty's Bond, Recording Past Cesaro's Usual Bedtime

You know what day it is. It's Wednesday, which is hump day for some people, but for many, it used to be DaParty day.

Every Wednesday, Xavier Woods, Adam Cole, Tyler Breeze, and Cesaro would get together and play a rousing game of Uno that helped many fans get through the pandemic. While the weekly Uno gatherings are a thing of the past with Cole joining AEW, the bond between DaParty lives forever.

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“We would record on Sunday nights," Tyler Breeze told Chris Denker on Into The Danger Zone when discussing the Uno recording schedule. "Swiss, at the time, was not a night person. He was in bed by like nine o'clock. So we're recording at like 9 or 10. Yeah, he's like at that delirious level and whatever. Sometimes, like, if the game's going long, which some of them were, we'd finish up at, like midnight or 1 AM and we would go to bed, and then that episode would air on Wednesday, and we would go to bed, we'd wake up and it's like, that day never happened. So, somebody would quote us back what we said from that game, and I go, 'You said that on Wednesday,' and I go, 'Oh, my God!' We just spit out this stuff, because we're having fun and people have fun with it, too. Which is, again, why it kind of gravitated and turned into what it turned into. which in reality, it was four dudes who just enjoyed having fun and playing UNO. Then all of a sudden, it got to the point where the company that makes UNO made our own UNO deck."

The bond between Breeze and Woods is well-established back to their gaming days in FCW and Cesaro was an easy fit given his relationship with both men. As Adam Cole told Fighful, he was on a "trial basis" but everyone knew immediately that he would be a permanent member.

Speaking about the bond of DaParty, Breeze said, "The fact that we had fun the fact that everybody else enjoyed it and the bond with those three dudes like obviously, me and Creed we've had a huge bond since I met him, he was one of my first matches ever in FCW and we were, you know, friends instead of roommates, we're brothers. Swiss, I've actually been very close with for a long time as well. But we definitely grew closer [while] filming this stuff every week. Cole was one of those guys where we were always cool. But, you know, we never really did anything together until that and as soon as we did, we went, ‘Oh, man.’ Now, you know, we stream together and we do whatever. That group is such a well-oiled unit. You could toss us on anything. You could go, ‘Hey, guys, we're having all four of you interview somebody,’ or ‘Someone's gonna interview you guys,’ or, ‘You're gonna play this game, or you're going to do this video,’ and we go, ‘Cool.’"

DaParty officially bid farewell to Cole on September 15, but the four still get together on Twitch streams.

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