Tyson Fury speaks ahead of WWE Crown Jewel.

This Thursday, Oct. 31, Tyson Fury will make his WWE debut he steps into the ring at WWE Crown Jewel against Braun Strowman. Fury is a highly successful professional boxer, but is sidelined from the sport due to cuts suffered on Sept. 14 in a fight against Otto Wallin. The break worked out for Fury as he was able fill his time with a WWE stint.

“I’m an entertainer and fast learner, so I’ve been getting the best out of it,” Fury told The Telegraph UK. “It’s taken my mind off boxing completely. I wouldn’t be in training camp at the moment, anyway. But it gives me something to do. I didn’t want October and November off. I knew this would be a month-long job and I knew I would be busy.”

Fury has shown up for multiple WWE Raw and SmackDown events in an effort to build his bout with Strowman. He also shot an angle with Strowman at the WWE Performance Center. Despite how well he's taken to WWE, Fury has no plans to continue after Crown Jewel.

“It is back to boxing. Never say never, but I’ve got nothing planned for the future with wrestling," he said.

You can check the announced card for WWE Crown Jewel by clicking here. Fightful will have live coverage of Crown Jewel on Thursday beginning at 1 p.m. et.

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