Tyson Kidd Says His Spinal Fusion Was Unique

Tyson Kidd says his neck injury was unlike any that of other WWE superstar.

In June 2015, Kidd suffered a neck injury. The injury occurred in a singles match with Samoa Joe but at the time Kidd was competing heavily in the tag-team division with his partner Cesaro. On Talk Is Jericho, Kidd highlighted what made his injury unique.

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"Yeah, and I think I'm the only guy in WWE to have the fusion this high up. It's the C1 and 2. It's as high as it gets. And [Steve Austin] said, 'kid, why'd [the surgeons] go through the back of your neck like that? Everything's through the front.' I said, 'Steve, it's so high up, it's the equivalent of my mouth.' And then, he's like, 'oh, they can't go through the front then,'" said Kidd.

His injury helped form a relationship with Steve Austin and other former WWE wrestlers who also suffered similar injuries.

"I joined the weird broken neck club and there's one advantage, is like, Steve Austin and Kurt Angle reach out to you all the time. And Edge, but Edge [has] always been awesome with me since I was in FCW. So [Austin] texts me, like, 'hey, how's everything? How's that stack of dimes [neck]?' And I'm like, 'I know. I know it means neck,'" said Kidd.

Kidd also said he would be going in for a check-up with his surgeon soon but is excited to say he has been able to work-out.

Even though he has little chance of getting back into the WWE ring, he can be seen on Total Divas with his wife Natalya.

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