UFC 242 Betting Odds Guide

Another UFC spectacle is in front of us. Although UFC is spectacle by default, the organization decided to give this event to Abu Dhabi. In the main town of the United Arab Emirates known to hospitality and luxury, everything is getting a bit more exciting. This time the management of Abu Dhabi decided to use the UFC Fight Night as a part of the promotion for Formula 1 event later this year. The event is going to be played at YAS Marina Circuit. In the heart of Formula 1 race track, everything is shiny, expensive and nice.

We expect from the UFC Fight Night 242 to justify the name of the event of the year in UFC. 14 matches are planned to be fought at this event. With the fight of the night where Khabib Nurmagomedov is going to fight with Dustin Poirier, the spectacle is guaranteed. Khabib has proven that he is the best UFC fighter today and Dustin Poirier will surely have a tough night to try to provide resistance to the beast from Dagestan. Although this fight is very interesting to analyze we will save it for the end.

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Let’s talk about fights.

In the first of the night, Adam Yandiev is going to fight against Punahele Soriano. Those 2 middleweight fighters have a very similar physical constitution. Yandiev have 3 kg more but is 2 cm smaller. The key factor of this fight could be experience. Yandiev is 31 years old and surely it is more experienced than undefeated (6-0-0) so far Soriano. Take advantage of our knowledge to try and multiply your money, as there are many official bookies of the UFC event. The UK regulated bookmaker list can be found here where you can check out the best odds from top rated bookies. How close this matchup is proving the fact that odds are 50-50 for both fighters. Although bookies don’t have their favorite, we have. We would give a slight advantage to Adam Yandiev. A bit more muscles combined with experience should be enough.

Adam Yandiev – Punahele Soriano 1 @4/5 (1.80) [Bet365]

Ottman “Bulldozer” Azaitar – Teemu Packalen is the next fight we are going to analyze. This one is a very special fight. Teemu Packalen is 15 cm higher than German Buldozer Ottman. Weight is at the side of 3 years younger German, who has 8 more KG than 15 cm higher Packalen. Just imagine how more muscly German is when you see those numbers. The key to this fight is going to be parter. If German Bulldozer Ottman manages to lead the fight to the ground he is going to have an easier job to find winning move and force submission. Finnish fighter has to keep the fight up and try to use longer hands and keep German away. Aggressive style of Ottman is guarantying us spectacle in the Octagon. Just like bookmakers, we are favoring Ottman Azaitar as well.

Ottman Azaitar – Teemu Packalen 1 @1/2 (1.50) [Bet365]

UFC Night wouldn’t be so attractive it there is not at least one women fight. Joanna Calderwood is going to fight against Andrea Lee. Those 2 girls have literally the same body when you watch them from far. 167 high and 57kg weight. Andrea Lee has the score of 11-2 while Joanne Calderwood has the score of 13-4. The thing is, Andrea had harder opponents during her career and that makes her statistic even more impressive. Andrea is a pretty big favorite to win the game, and we expect her to justify her role of favorite.

Joanne Calderwood – Andrea Lee 2 @1/2 (1.50) [Bet365]

And the sweetest is saved for the end. Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov vs Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier is announced for the fight of the night. The Dagestan beast is still undefeated in his career and it is not looking like Dustin Poirier is ready to defeat him for the first time in his career. Khabib is 2 cm higher than his opponent but it is not his biggest advantage. He is far more aggressive and technically educated than his opponent. You don’t have to bee to smart to predict the winner of this match since Khabib is 27-0 in his career, but we suggest you try with the early win.

Khabib Nurmagomedov – Dustin Poirier Khabib to win within 3 rounds @3/2 (2.50) [Bet365]

Enjoy the fights and have good luck with your bets.

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