Undertaker On Advice He Gives Wrestlers Regarding Rematches, 'Watch Back Everything You've Done'

The Undertaker gives advice to young wrestlers regarding rematches.

The Undertaker's rivalries were almost never a case of a one-and-done. Undertaker even wrestled a series of matches with Giant Gonzalez, who was no Lou Thesz. Yokozuna and The Undertaker's rivalry was a special case that would see the adversaries clash in two separate Casket Matches on pay-per-view in the same calendar year.

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The first match took place at the Royal Rumble in 1994 and would see Yokozuna, with the help of about every heel wrestler employed by WWE at the time, lock Undertaker in a casket and send him away for several months. Undertaker would get his revenge in a Casket Match at WWE Survivor Series 1994 with Chuck Norris as the special ringside enforcer.

During a video on the WWE Vault YouTube channel, Undertaker revealed that he often advises younger wrestlers to watch back any matches they've done with an opponent when going into a rematch to avoid everything already done when telling their story in the ring. Undertaker believes that rematches, even ones with a large period in between such as the one he had with Yokozuna at WWE Survivor Series, are continuations of a story rather than repeats.

"I tell young wrestlers this all the time. When you go into a rematch with someone, you need to go back and watch everything that's already been done, because you're not starting over. It's just a continuation. Yes, there's been a huge gap, but you have to be able to remember everything that got you to the point where you're at now."

Sound advice from the man who was once known as "the conscience" of WWE.

The Undertaker also recently revealed that he's not a fan of how much modern wrestlers showboat to the audience instead of keeping the intensity inside the squared circle during heated confrontations. Read his comments here.

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