The Undertaker On Current WWE Product: It's A Little Soft; Too Much Pretty, Not Enough Edge

Now that he's stepped away from the ring, The Undertaker is having a tough time watching the current product.

The Undertaker had his final farewell at Survivor Series 2020 and his last match took place at WrestleMania 36. Undertaker spent 30 years in WWE, seeing all the ups and downs, and changes in the in-ring product. Now, as a fan and not a wrestler, he views the product with a different set of eyes.

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"I try," Undertaker told Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience when asked if he still watches wrestling. "It's tough right now, for me, because the product has changed so much. It's kinda soft. I'll probably piss a lot of people off but they need to hear it. To the young guys, 'oh, he's a bitter old guy.' I'm not bitter, I did my time. I walked away. I just think the product is a little soft. There are guys here and there who have an edge to them, but there's too much pretty and not enough edge."

He continued by saying, "They're trying to put something out for everybody. Some guys are into the comedy shit and other guys want to see more hardcore fighting. One of the big things that happened is the generation before, we all got old at the same time. There weren't enough guys to work with the young guys. I can give my theories on what you should do, but until you can get in the ring and do it, it doesn't translate. Then, you also have too many people who are like, 'these guys on the Internet so I'm good.' Okay, well, you can listen to them or you can listen to somebody who has been there and done it. There was not enough merging of the young and the new talent. When it was me, Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Shawn Michaels we were working together and making money, then we just aged out and it left young guys working with young guys and the product changed."

Undertaker went on to praise Triple H for trying to bring some edge back to the product with NXT.

Elsewhere during the interview, Undertaker commented on WWE's drug testing policy and how he was still tested even as his in-ring career winded down. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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