The Undertaker: A Problem In Wrestling Today Is Everybody Overplaying To The Audience

The Undertaker shares advice to aspiring wrestlers on the Independent scene.

Onnit Stories released a documentary featuring indie wrestlers Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow, who is engaged to Bayley. In the documentary, Starks and Solow have a meal with The Undertaker, who Starks met while training at Onnit.

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During their conversation, the Dead Man revealed a big problem he sees in Independent wrestling today.

"Sometimes, you have to set the angle within the match. But you have to give a reason for one guy to be loved and one guy to be hated," said Taker. "At the end of the day, whatever you're doing in the ring, you want it to look real, genuine and authentic. That's a huge problem. Everybody acts the same way and overplays to the audience. What do you do next?"

Taker continued, "Everybody is calling...they want a backflip off this and into that. Once you do that a couple of times, what do you got now? Now I gotta do two flips and into two and a half. When they get used to that, then what do you do? Instead of learning the finer nuances of what we do. And that's tell stories. Granted, physical painful stories. But stories nonetheless."

The future WWE Hall of Famer shared similar sentiments last year during his out-of-character interview with Pastor Ed Young. You can read Taker further elaborate on the points made above, here and view Taker's comments in the video below.

You can view the entire documentary on Starks and Solow here.

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