The Undertaker Recalls Stories Of Mark Henry's Feats Of Strength

Mark Henry is billed as The World's Strong Man. And The Undertaker has the stories to back it up.

Speaking to Pastor Ed Young in a rare out of character interview, The Undertaker was asked who is the strongest wrestler he's ever come across. Undertaker began by naming a recent foe and the man who ended The Streak.

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"(Brock) Lesnar. Especially his first time in when he was in his 20s. He was just a freakish athlete," he said. "He still is. But when he was in his 20s and he first came up, he was a NCAA National Champion and he defied what your mind would tell you. Because he was 6'4'', 285 or 290 and you would think that a human being can move as fast. His single leg shot would be the same as somebody that was 180-pounds. Just really freakish."

Undertaker also named named as one of the stronger wrestlers in the business.

Then, he got to Mark Henry. The three-time U.S. National Weightlifting Champion has shown off his strength in various forms throughout his WWE career. But Undertaker shared some behind the scenes stories and feats of strength that even shocked him.

"Mark Henry is at a whole other level. When we travel overseas, we travel on busses. Good guys on one bus, bad guys on the other. We were checking out of the hotel and we have a four-hour drive to the next city. In front of the first bus was a car. The driver didn't have enough room to pull out," said Undertaker. "We're sitting there and no one can find who owns this car. Mark gets wind of it and goes, 'I'll handle it.' Mark gets off the bus, grabs a towel, and goes to the backend of the car. He puts the towel underneath the fender well, reaches under it, picks up and takes a couple of steps and puts it down. He looks at his hands, fixes the towel, lift up again and takes a couple more steps. He does this until we had enough angle to get the bus out."

Taker continued, "We were in Japan once and I saw him take a nice piece of silver. A spoon. And he twisted it like a pretzel. I've seen him take frying pans and bend them in half. That was a gift he was given that not many have."

Henry and Undertaker had an extended feud in 2006, leading to a casket match between the two at WrestleMania 22. Despite being the World's Strongest Man, Henry doesn't hold a single pinfall victory over the Deadman in one-on-one competition.

You can view the full interview with Pastor Young above.

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