Undertaker Recalls WrestleMania 30 Concussion Against Brock Lesnar, Says He Doesn't Remember Match

The Undertaker discusses his WrestleMania 30 concussion.

At WrestleMania 30, The Undertaker's legendary WrestleMania streak came to an end when he was pinned by Brock Lesnar. The result was one of the most shocking moments in WWE history, but the match was largely unmemorable as Undertaker was clearly out of it after taking an early bump in the match. Speaking to Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions, Undertaker reflected on the bout and his concussion.

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"Somewhere within the first five minutes, I get concussed. I don't even remember this night. I've watched it back now and obviously know. My last memory that I can definitively tell you happened at about 3:30 in the afternoon when my wife came backstage and we had a conversation. That's the last thing I remember on my own about that day. At this point in my career, there is a huge process of me getting ready between the stretching, visiting the doctors, doing everything I need to do to get myself ready to perform. An hour and a half, two hour process that's completely gone. My memory picks up, 4:30 - 5 in the morning when I'm in the hospital and they're coming to check on me every few minutes asking me my name and I got no clue."

Undertaker went on to reveal that he couldn't remember his name or where he was, so he asked his wife Michelle McCool to clue in him while the doctors were away.

Taker continued, "I've watched it back 10-15 times. I can't pick out where it happened. It was nothing Brock did. I think him not knowing that I was concussed and I kept taking belly to back suplexes. But that's not on him because I was still moving. When I watch it, I can tell I'm lethargic, that I'm not moving and thinking like I would be normally. That screwed me up. It screwed up my confidence. You figure, after you have a career 25+ years and you've seen every situation, you don't get shook up. But that is a false belief. This shook me up because I couldn't pinpoint where I got concussed. I'm like a fighter at this point. I'm in camp to try and peak on this night. I think I went to the well one too many. I was in shape, but I don't think my body was ready for the trauma. So the simplest of bumps, it rung my bell. It ate me up awhile and then it became personal with me like, 'I'm not gonna go out with my last match and not be able to remember it.'"

Undertaker took a year off after losing to Lesnar, returning at WrestleMania 31 to defeat Bray Wyatt.

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