Undertaker Says Wearing Python Pants Is One Of His Biggest Regrets, 'They Were Horrible'

The Undertaker hated those damn snakeskin pants.

At Survivor Series 2000, Kurt Angle defended his WWF World Heavyweight Championship in a match against The Undertaker. At the time, Undertaker was rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' with his 'American Badass' gimmick.

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During the match, Undertaker wore a new set of snakeskin pants. Fans weren't crazy about the outfit change, and as it turns out, 'The American Badass' himself wasn't a fan of it either.

“There was a pair of snakeskin pants I wore at a match with Kurt Angle that I really regret. It’s one of my biggest regrets. They were horrible." Undertaker said while speaking to Chris Van Vliet for a new interview. "So the rumour for a long, long time was that I forgot my tights, or I forgot my pants and I had to borrow those from The Godfather. They were mine. Terry Anderson bless her heart, she did all my gear pretty much my whole career. I told her what I wanted to do. Throughout my extended career, my gear was very, I mean, it was minimalistic, there was not a lot of thrill to my character. When I told her I wanted a pair of python pants. She went no you don’t. I went yes I do. I just thought it would be cool looking. They were snakeskin pants. I’m a biker, it didn’t translate well. I really regret those pants those are awful, man. I see them every once in a while. They’ll pop up on a feed or something."

Van Vliet went on to ask Undertaker if he still owns the pair of snakeskin pants.

"No, no, no, no, they’re long gone. I think I burned those. And the horrible thing was, it was a really good match. That’s what really sucks is I had a really good match with Kurt. That’s when we used his twin and they screwed me out of the title there. But I can’t watch it and enjoy the match for its quality. All I see are those damn [pants]. I’m touching 330 at that time, too. I’m a big dude and big dudes don’t wear snakeskin pants.”

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Special thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the quote(s).

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