Vickie Guerrero Talks WWE And AEW's Creative Process Differences

Vickie Guerrero talks about the differences between how WWE and AEW operate.

Before doing commentary on AEW Dark and then revealing herself to be Nyla Rose's manager, Guerrero spent years on WWE television as both a manager and general manager. The former SmackDown GM spoke to Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture to discuss how different it is working for both companies. Guerrero said AEW provides a family affair type of atmosphere while in WWE, people had to wait in line to get their ideas in.

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Guerrero recalls how AEW President Tony Khan calls her, while upper WWE management doesn't call talent all too often. 

"Everyone is just amazing, it’s really just a family affair, everyone’s available. In WWE you kinda have to wait in line behind a closed door to get your turn to get your ideas in. Tony Khan is in the hallway, people can go up to him and talk to him about the show. Tony calls me, I was like ‘oh my gosh he’s calling me.’ I never saw a lot of people in WWE calling the talent. It’s a relaxed atmosphere to where they let the superstar do the creative, the creative aspects for that night. And I just thought that was brilliant and there’s a lot of young people on the roster and I saw the advantage to be able to share my knowledge and experience with them and that was exciting to me because this is how it works, the industry starts with the next generation and if I can share my knowledge and experience with the women there and even the men, I've gained something back and given back to them and that’s how we help each other out. So I love that part of it," Guerrero said.

You can check out the full interview between Instinct Culture and Guerrero in the video at the top of the page. Credit to Instinct Culture for the transcription.

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