Vince McMahon Makes Forbes' List Of Worldwide Billionaires

According to Forbes, Vince McMahon is among the richest in the world.

On the 2018 Forbes' list of billionaires, Vince McMahon was placed at 1,394 and his net worth has been listed at around 1.8 billion dollars. This year's list has 2,208 billionaires who have a collected worth of 9.1 trillion dollars and the man at the top of the list Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos was listed at a net worth 112 billion dollars but that has changed to 127 billion since yesterday.

Forbes describes McMahon as a self-made made who grew up in a trailer park and they mentioned he bought his father's company after ten years of working at the wrestling promotion. Forbes also added a note about McMahon's wife Linda McMahon being part of the presidential cabinet.

In 2002, McMahon made the Forbes 400 which has been a running list of the 400 most wealthy people in the United States. This year, Vince McMahon ranked the 436th wealthiest person in the United States.

The entire list of Billionaires can be found at

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