Vince McMahon-XFL Lawsuit Update, Samoa Joe Calls Bobby Lashley ‘Undeniable’ | Fight-Size Update

Here is your fight-size update for Tuesday, February 23, 2021:

- In the latest update to the ongoing lawsuit between Vince McMahon and his former business partner in the XFL, Oliver Luck, A new article from Sportico reveals that McMahon is now accusing Luck of sharing XFL information with his NFL-agent brother-in-law.

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Among new allegations brought against Luck, Alpha insists that Luck ‘repeatedly” engaged in the unauthorized disclosure of confidential XFL information to his brother-in-law, William Wilson. Wilson was a prominent NFL agent at Wasserman Media Group, where he served as executive vice president and co-head of the football division (he has since become CEO and Secretary General of U.S. Soccer). Luck is accused of sharing “XFL requests for proposals, meeting notes, presentations, draft contracts, and analysis of players” as well as “attorney-client privileged information . . . including draft contracts and analysis of contracts.” He allegedly disclosed these purported trade secrets and sensitive materials without McMahon’s consent.

- In an interview with Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda, Samoa Joe called Bobby Lashley “undeniable” when praising the current run Lashley is on. Joe and Lashley fought at TNA Bound for Glory 12 years ago.

"I've had experiences with Bobby Lashley in several different places, and I know that this is the best version of Bobby Lashley I've ever seen in my life. Just the focus, hyper-aggressive all over his opponents. I mean, he's a presence out there, and I mean, he's at the point where Bobby Lashley is becoming undeniable. And I think, despite the results of the United States title match. You know Bobby's asserted himself onto a new plane, a new level, and, you know, Drew McIntyre has a lot of problems to deal with now.”

- Speaking of Bobby Lashley, next week, he is hoping to defeat The Miz and capture his first WWE Championship. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Miz revealed when he knew he needed to step up his game inside the squared circle.

“Over the last five years, I’ve found a new gear. I remember facing AJ Styles when he came to WWE, and his style was so different than anything I was used to. That’s when I knew I needed to elevate my work. My wife deserves a lot of credit, too. Working with her, she gave me confidence that brought me to a new level.”

- The Miz may also have a past challenger looking to face him once again as Jerry Lawler recently said he would like a rematch Against The Miz for the WWE Championship. To this day, The Miz is the only WWE Champion to defend the title against Jerry Lawler on pay-per-view. Jerry has been wrestling for 50 years.

- Speaking with A Wrestling Gal, IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo revealed the inspiration for her ring gear.

"For me, my biggest inspiration for my gear is tying in like elements of like history's past. Right now I'm super into like the Renaissance and Medieval Times and bringing that into the Virtuosa is, I think it really connects. And it kind of, everyone kind of-- gives me crap like 'the Virtuosa. She's a good wrestler [but] there's no character behind it'. But for me, it's bringing in all of these elements of who I really am. I'd love history and I am a big--I love to learn about the Renaissance and Medieval Times are just so mystic to me. I want to learn more always, so I like to really do my research and really pick a time period to focus on at one point and tie that all into who the Virtuosa is. So that's kind of what I'm big on right now. But obviously, I've become somewhat of a Jersey house-mom or housewife with some of the stuff that I wear in the fur and the big coats. So I just try to tie in a little bit of my culture too to it and see where it takes me. And then I have awesome designers and seamstresses who kind of have visions of what the Virtuosa is and then we all slap it together."

- Check out the top 10 moments of Monday Night Raw at this link.

- Mick Foley has made it clear that he doesn't want Rhea Ripley to be a victim of 50/50 booking upon moving to the Monday Night Raw roster.

- Dakota Kai recently did an interview with Sportsnet in Canada. Starting this week, Canada will be able to watch NXT live on Sportsnet.

- Speaking with WrestlingInc, Ric Flair revealed that he feels all of the original members of The Four Horsemen had Hall of Fame-level careers as singles competitors.

“I thought they all had Hall of Fame careers as individuals. Barry Windham was just in another league. He was a 6’5”, 255 pound Ricky Steamboat. Arn and Tully could work and talk, but we don’t even stay in touch anymore. It just seems like that great 10-year time we had in life, it’s just gone by. I don’t feel like we’re close at all, but I’m glad. I’m happy for them that they’re over there (AEW). They both are smart.

“Arn had a hell of a run here (WWE). I don’t even know what happened, but he had over 18 or 19 years being an agent. You’ve got to be good at what you do to be in that role. Maybe he burned out, who knows? I can see it. It’s going back and forth trying to help the talent, going and asking questions, trying to make sure everything fits in. It’s the most non-rewarding job in the world. I could never do it, to be honest with you. I’m happy for all of them. Do I think we’ll ever get together? No, not again.”

- Check out the latest gameplay from RetroMania Wrestling. The game is set to be released on Friday on the PC via Steam.

- Also, learn more about the trophies in the game here.

- Hyping this week's episode of Young Rock, Chavo Guerrero showed himself in the ring with some of the actors portraying Rocky Johnson and The Wild Samoans. Chavo Guerrero was also responsible for some of the training in conjunction with the GLOW Netflix series

- On his new YouTube channel, John Silver recently posted a parody of the movie The Sandlot with AEW wrestlers.

- Today, WWE stock closed at $48.24. This is an increase of 51 cents or 1.07% from yesterday.

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