Vince Russo Speaks To Reby Sky About Creative Differences Between Matt And Jeff Hardy

Vince Russo's The Brand which could be both seen and heard daily on the and, was highlighted last week by my interview with TNA Superstar Reby Sky, and the first part  of my discussion with WWE, WCW, TNA & ECW Legend, Raven!

On this week's episode of Vixens Who Rule, you are going to hear first hand from the woman herself, Reby Hardy. Having already accomplished more than many do in a lifetime, Reby discusses growing up in New York, being the NY Giants Girl on MTV's True Life, meeting  Ringo Starr during one of her professional dancing gigs, being Miss Howard Stern 2009, posing for Playboy, and her reaction to everything Final Deletion! 

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Here's an excerpt of Reby talking about how she made the jump from a Professional Broadway Dancer, to the Rings of Professional Wrestling:

"I didn't (think I could make that transition) for a long time. People kept saying 'You should be in the business' for about a year. When you think about it, it wasn't really that much of a jump--I mean, it's all entertainment. When you're on the stage it's performance, it's theater, I just translated that (dancing) into wrestling matches."

Reby later discusses the creative differences brothers Matt and Jeff.

"Jeff's mind is so creative, I want to say more than Matt's but it's in a different way than Matt's. Jeff is so artistic, he's got his paintings and his music, he just thinks more artistically. Whereas Matt thinks psychologically, like fans would like this, and this would be cool, and this would be a good twist." 

Up next, on this week's Swerve, an exclusive interview with one of Vince's all-time favs--former WWE, WCW and TNA Superstar---the enigma---Raven!!! Having known Raven for some 25 years, Vince gets deep into the head of a genius that many don't understand, or appreciate with the utmost respect that the former writer and friend does. In this interview Raven opens up about many things he's never discussed before including his battle with narcolepsy, why he hasn't watched wrestling since 2000, how his booking philosophies differ from those of Vince's, never being comfortable with the cheers of the crowd and why he sometimes thinks of his career as a "failure".  

In this excerpt, Raven discusses why his character took years to develop before making his impact on the wrestling scene:

"Raven is the toughest of the tough, and I'm not a tough guy. Maybe in high school and college when I was bouncing at clubs, but when I got into the wrestling business, I was way down with the Steiners and the Hakus, there were so many tough guys and the last thing I wanted to be was a tough guy because it just wasn't who I wanted to be. And, at that time I hadn't dug into my personal issues so I really hadn't found who I was yet."

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By Vince Russo

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