Watts Recalls His Experiences In WWE Tough Enough And Lucha Underground

Watts reflects on some of his more standout wrestling TV appearances.

Having had experiences on WWE Tough Enough, AEW Dark, and doing extra work for Lucha Underground, Watts knows what he enjoys and doesn't when it comes to head appearances in the world of wrestling.

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Speaking with Andrew Thompson, Watts explained that he didn't like his time on WWE Tough Enough in 2011 because he wasn't a fan of the reality television show aspects.

“Yeah, part of my problem was I didn’t want to do any of the reality TV bullsh*t. I didn’t wanna do it. I wasn’t there for the reality TV and I think I screwed myself by saying that a lot to the producers, going, ‘I don’t wanna be on this stupid reality show. I just wanna get my contract’ but, yeah. I don’t think anyone could go in a situation like that and not be like, ‘What is going on in here?’ With just the, like you said, the competition aspect and the reality show aspect, it’s just two massive, heavy forces colliding and there’s no way you can prepare for something like that. You just gotta do it.”

Moving on to Lucha Underground, Watts would say he didn't fit in there because he was larger than a lot of the competitors but I did enjoy the program that Lucha Underground put together.

“I did some extra bits for them [Lucha Underground], some security bits. My problem was I was like double the size of everybody there so it was really tough to -- and they had Luchasaurus there, and I don’t know. There wasn’t a big market for me there, which is fine. But it was still fun though. They put on a great show.”

Lucha Underground did involve Luchasaurus, whom Watts wrestled in a tag team match on AEW Dark. Watts spoke very highly of his appearance on the AEW YouTube series opposite Jurassic Express.

“For me, I was really happy when I found out I was working with them [Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus], just because like you said, we were familiar with each other and we knew we could do some hot work out there so, I think a load was lifted off of my shoulders once it was like, ‘Okay, I’m working them, sweet.’ I’m familiar with them and they’re from L.A. and stuff so it was cool. We just do what we would do there but just do it here, you know? And honestly, that would’ve been the case for lots of members on that roster [AEW]. Lots of people there I’ve been on shows with and worked and stuff like, that’s the environment that someone could succeed in when you’ve worked with them already prior, you know? The match was fun. Bless those guys, they gave us a lot of offense in that match and most of the time, extras don’t really get that and so they did us a favor there, and we went out there and put on some fun stuff.”

You can check out the whole interview embedded above.

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