WCW Was Sending Chris Jericho 15 Cent Residuals Checks In 2000

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(too bad they were only for 15¢)

Chris Jericho's Instagram is a font of unexpected comedy.

Las week, he revealed his secret superhero identity: The Food Smuggler.

And this week, he allows us all to laugh at WCW.

Remember WCW? Good times.

Anyway, the long defunct biggest-competitor-that-WWE-has-ever-had has been made a laughing stock by Chris Jericho with this one magical photo and caption.

Couple Things:

One: Jericho makes a very good point about the fact that the check was worth less than half of the cost of a stamp. However, it wasn't like it was a bill for fifteen cents, where they would pay 33 cents to send it, then get 15 cents back as payment, resulting in a net 18 cent loss. They were just paying the US Postal Service twice as much as they were paying Chris Jericho. Seems like a distinction that needed to be drawn.

Two: The check was from 2000, which I guess means Chris Jericho hasn't been to the local Wells Fargo branch in 17 years. Must do all of his banking online.

Jericho left WCW and jumped ship to WWE the year before, so I guess he was getting those residuals checks for people who were buying VHS tapes of WCW Souled Out 1999, featuring Jericho vs Perry Saturn in their class "Loser Must Wear A Dress Match." And oh, look, if your VHS copy of that match has disintegrated, I just so happen to have footage of that seminal moment in wrestling history below:

Worth every penny of that 15 cents.

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