We Were Supposed To Get Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty At WrestleMania VIII; Jannetty Explains Why We Didn't

It's WrestleMania week and we take a look back all the way to WrestleMania VIII and find out why a certain match that would've been an amazing WrestleMania moment, never happened.

In the time between Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, WWE was building tension between members of fan-favorite tag team The Rockers, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Michaels blamed Jannetty for his elimination during Survivor Series in 1991 and the two tried to settle differences in a segment titled "The Barbershop". Instead of reconciliation, however, Michaels brought some Sweet Chin Music down on Jannetty and the Rockers were officially done.

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Fast forward twenty-five years to WrestleMania 33 and it's easy to wonder why we never got to see these two duke it out at WrestleMania VIII. Jannetty was asked this question during a Q and A with Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard "WrestleMania Mailbag".

"The Barbershop Window segment was actually setting up a match at WrestleMania VIII between Shawn and I. A few things didn't go the way someone wanted, so they ended up completely scrapping that idea, but that was the whole idea of the barbershop."

You can see that segment in the video above.

Jannetty clues everyone in on how the match would've gone down had they had the opportunity.

"We'd have needed 20-25 minutes with a jump-start to get the people on their feet. We had a match with a pace that was blistering in Denver a few months before WrestleMania VIII, and we could have had a match at WresleMania that people would still be talking about. When it was over in Denver, the crowd cheered both of us in appreciation of what they saw. We were building Shawn up at the time, so that's the direction we would have gone."

Shawn Michaels got built up regardless and has one of the greatest careers in WWE history. Jannetty was on and off again with the company until 2009, his name now synonymous with the situation that arises when a tag team breaks up and one half of the team has a lackluster rest of his career. Who knows if that would have been the case if he and Michaels had been allowed to tear the house down at WresteMania VIII.

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