What Is A Palindrome?: Here Are Some Pictures Of What The Bella Twins Think It Is

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we marvel at how Nikki & Brie Bella
managed to graduate from High School

If you're not watching "Bella Brains," the weekly segment on the Bella Twins' YouTube Channel that sees Daniel Bryan asking Nikki and his wife Brie questions, you really need to be. It's basically "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, but with the Bella Twins. It started as a spin-off from a Total Divas episode where Nikki and Brie both had their IQs tested.

The first episodes of Bella Brains dealt with rudimentary geometry, geography, arithmetic, civics, science and language arts. They're all outstanding. Nikki Bella thinks Hyperbole is "when your body is really cold."

I went ahead and created a full playlist of all 7 episodes at the bottom of the page. I can't recommend it highly enough.

But we're going to focus on the most recent episode today.

In this episode Bryan asks Nikki & Brie "What is a Palindrome?," which is, of course, a word or phrase that is spelled the same forwards and backwards.

Here are photos of what they thought it was.

The Clock Thing That Swings Back And Forth.

A Type Of Tractor.

A Drone That Flies And Takes Photos.

Someone That Goes Into Space.

That Thing With The Balls All Lined Up And You Go "Clack Clack Clack"

Part Of A Musical Instrument.

A Speaker.

Something that you garden with.

Something having to do with time.

This whole thing was gold plated solid gold,
and I want you to love it too, so here you go.

You're welcome.

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