Why And How Owls Got Over In Pro Wrestling

When Impact - the revamped version of TNA - announced their new logo involves an owl, some people thought it was ridiculous, others wondered what would such creature be called . . I couldn't help but to think "what bunch of creative geniuses came up with this idea?  How didn't anyone think of this earlier?" An owl is the perfect mascot/signature item to go with! Owls SCREAM wrestling. I mean, New Day has made a pretty sweet run with their "Who?" catchphrase. Reby Hardy is selling lots of shirts. It's common sense to piggyback off of owls. Why? - you ask . . . Allow me to break it down for you. 

Owls Represent Wisdom & Prophecy

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Dating back to Greek Mythology, rumor has it Goddess Athena used to kick it with the feathery creatures.  Some mythographers have stated that the bird would bring wisdom & prophecy.  I know what you're thinking-- what does that have to do with Impact Wrestling? Simple. They're notorious for not making the smartest choices throughout their history. Why not call upon the powers of the Owl for some wisdom, maybe this is exactly what they need to start enhancing their decision making abilities.

SPOILER ALERT: So far this has not worked out for them, however, the bird has yet to be named, this might interfere in the owl's ability to bring wisdom to them. 

Owls Are Very Solitary Creatures

Owls are known for working alone. Owls don't need to have a huge pack behind them. They get shit done all on their lonely. It's obvious they don't want to give any credit to anyone else for their hard work, will do whatever it takes to get said shit done without help. You could call them the flying lone wolves of society. Once the owl succeed in a task, it proceeds to throw itself a celebration party with no guests invited. Party of one!  Of course this is exactly what the folks at Impact were thinking about when they chose an owl as their mascot. Not only did they come in strong by making a lot of crucial cuts, but they wanted the credit. Impact isn't making a lot of friends right now, but when you're a strong independent owl, you don't need that. No friends allowed.

Owls Are Nocturnal 

Owls are creatures of the night. This is a fact. They stay up all night, they hunt at night, they creep on twitter at night. This was probably the most crucial attribute that caused Impact to chose an owl to represent them. Do you know how many sleepless nights there will be in order to rebuild this brand?

Owls Are Hunters 

Owls are excellent hunters. They hunt at night and are stealthy SOB's, which allows for a very high success rate when it comes to predatory capture. Or maybe that's because they target that are significantly smaller than them. Obviously a tactic Impact Wrestling is using to their advantage. Let the big fish go, then replace them with 42 million little fish.

Owls Are Not Liked

What a better way to bring heat from fans that by choosing the one bird no one really finds cute or special in any way, shape or form. They could've gone with an eagle, a peacock, hell even a penguin, but they chose an owl because they knew people were going to automatically hate the idea.  But you know what happens when the wrestling community hates something? They talk about it.  They talk about it so much, it turns into a gold mine.  Don't believe me? Look up #FuckThatOwl on Twitter.

Final Words . . . 

As explained above, you can now see how owls are smart marketing tools and exactly what was needed for revamping a brand like Impact. Except for Jim Neidhart. It didn't work for him.

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