Will Ospreay Comments On Changing His Style, Says Careers Will Be Shortened

Will Ospreay is not apologizing for his new hard-hitting style.

At Wrestle Kingdom 13 on Jan. 4, Ospreay captured the NEVER Openweight Title, defeating Kota Ibushi in a stiff affair. The bout started off with both men showcasing their aerial expertise before things broke down into a striking contest. Near the end of the bout, Ospreay connected with an elbow to the back of the head of Ibushi, leaving the Golden Star with a concussion.

Ospreay took to social media after the bout to comment on the incident.

Over the years, many fans have worried about the longevity of Ospreay's career as his "unsafe" high-flying style has caused him to rack up a number of injuries, including a particularly brutal looking neck injury suffered in April 2018. Ospreay also missed time at the end of 2018 after suffering a rib injury.

In an effort to prolong his career and work a "safer" style, Ospreay made the transition from Junior Heavyweight to Heavyweight. Ospreay had a chance to shorten the career of KUSHIDA at New Year Dash!! on Jan. 5 by taking him out with the same elbow than left Ibushi concussed. However, Ospreay spared the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, finishing him off with a Stormbreaker instead.