Will Ospreay Discusses Being Diagnosed With ADHD, Being On Autism Spectrum, And Regretting Tweets

Will Ospreay has never been one to bite his tongue, especially when it comes to the things he's tweeted in the past. Ospreay has gotten into a handful of Twitter spats in his career, most notably with the likes of Seth Rollins and Kenny Omega.

Ospreay has been able to turn tweets into a storyline with Omega and has expressed his interest in working with Rollins.

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As far as his tweets, Ospreay said he does regret things he's tweeted in the past, and has worked to make amends.

"I've actually done a lot of soul searching with this because I feel like I was an absolute cunt when it comes to these things. I feel like I don't think about what I write. I'm dyslexic as fuck, I don't really understand it, I've been on the spectrum for fucking autism and have mad ADHD. I don't think about shit, I just do it. I feel like I've used it as a diary for so long and I've not realized that I'm tweeting to hundreds of thousands of people. I feel like I've let myself down and I've let down anyone who wants to be a firm supporter of me. I do feel like an absolute twat sometimes when I read back some of my old stuff. The best thing I can do right now, everything I've ever done when it comes to social media and someone has told me that I've fucked up, I put my hands up and I say, 'I'm fucking sorry.' I've come to a realization, no one gives a fuck about your opinion. No one cares about my opinion, so why the fuck am I even tweeting it? I'm at a point now where I'm really trying hard to educate myself and be more mindful towards other people. I've gone above the line of duty to make amends to people I've fallen out with and shit like that. I don't feel I'm an asshole. I can admit where I'm a cunt, but I'm a nice cunt. I'm trying my best to mend fences," he told Renee Paquette on The Sessions.

Ospreay continued, opening up about his ADHD diagnosis and being on the spectrum for autism.

"I got diagnosed with ADHD in 2019 because I felt like there was something wrong with me. I was dyslexic after I finished school. The only things I passed was drama and PE. English, math, science, all the things that you need to get to college, I failed that. I just had to go to work. I wanted to try to get to college, and then I went through something, I feel like the term used was 'learning syndrome,' I can't remember what it was, but they said it was a form of dyslexia. I don't read very well, I'm not very good at writing. I've always sruggled with that. Sometimes, I tweet something and I haven't read it properly so it's a bunch of spelling mistakes. It's proper embrassing. A grown ass man, I have a mortgage, and I can't even read and write. The ADHD came about in 2019, late, I called my doctor, I wasn't feeling good, they gave me some tests and I found out what it was. I don't want it to be an excuse, but I feel like that's why I've gotten myself in so much trouble, because I haven't thought about the repercussions, I just go. I'm growing up now. I'm nearly 30, I have to grow up sometime soon. The autism thing, I went through a doctor thing, I think it was the start of 2020, the pandemic kicked in, and I've never wrote back. I do feel I'm on the spectrum, but I haven't had that guarantee. The other two, I got diagnosed, the other one, I've still yet to have answers for. The wait list is fucking long. Even if I did have it, I don't see it as a detriment. I see it as a superpower. All of us autistic kids, we're so much better than regular, normal people. We can lock into shit and do it. To all my autism kids out there, we're top," he said.

Ospreay said he focuses in on wrestling and that's his superpower.

Ospreay had a high profile match at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 where he lost the IWGP United States Championship to Kenny Omega. He is set to face Taichi at NJPW The New Beginning In Sapporo.

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