Will Ospreay Posts Statement Regarding Accusations He Helped Blacklist Pollyanna From Wrestling

Will Ospreay has responded to allegations that he was part of blacklisting Pollyanna from wrestling. 

Pollyanna has wrestled since 2018 and retired from full-time competition in December 2016. In November 2017, it was alleged that she was sexually assault by Scott Wainwright. On November 17, 2017, Ospreay tweeted, and deleted, a message that read, “Think it’s disgusting that people can use social media to accuse people of sexual assault. More than a handful of people know the real you. Trying to use your position to isolate and assault someone is pathetic.” 

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The message was allegedly about the Pollyanna and Wainwright accusations, but never explicitly stated.

The next day, Ospreay tweeted, "I cannot express how sorry I am that I may have turned people into thinking I’m so careless about this subject. I care way too much about my fans and the victims. I really hope you guys can forgive me & will happily listen too any suggestions to make this right again.”

Pollyanna has alleged that Ospreay got her blacklisted from wrestling as he's arguably the biggest star in the UK. While commenting on the allegations towards dozens of UK wrestlers, she wrote, "Seeing the list of names being mentioned in speaking out, were also some of the guys who banded together to bad mouth me, talk about how a great guy he is and got me blacklisted. I hope all of your careers are ruined, you sick headed arses."

Pollyanna would also allege issues with Ospreay's girlfriend Bea Priestley.

PROGRESS Wrestling was asked why they stopped booking Pollyanna and they responded by saying they were told by her that she no longer wanted to wrestle and that no allegations were made about anyone on the roster. She said, "Yes, I did, I wanted to leave. But I do remember Jim saying to me that if ever I needed help, to ask him, and I did ask him when Bea and Will and I first fell out, and he didn’t do anything to help or stop it. RJ did. I’m not putting this on you guys, but I really wish you could. Have extended a hand to me to ask what had happened. I always liked and respected you Jon, so please don’t take that away from me. I’m not blaming you guys, but maybe I should have spoken up about it, but would you have helped me if I told you it was Scott? I felt hated by everyone backstage, that if I tried to speak to you, Will would have called me a liar and you would have sided with him. Which you did, he could make you more money than I, I knew that, I seriously wish I could have told you Jon, but I still felt like I was in Denial about it all, all I knew was that I had to get away or else I would have tried to kill myself again. I would have told you everything after I came out with it if you had asked, but you never responded to my last message and I thought you were angry with me."

PROGRESS would apologize to Pollyanna for failing her as a company. 

As for Ospreay, he posted a statement of his own regarding the accusations that he took part in blacklisting Pollyanna and addressed his deleted tweet from 2017. In his lengthy statement, Ospreay denies taking part in blacklisting Pollyanna, but apologizes for dismissing her cry for help. He also says he was taken advantage of when he was 14 years old and discussed how he's helped UK wrestling. You can view his full statement in the tweet below. 

Pollyanna wasn't exactly buying Ospreay's apology, saying, "How dare you. There was one time she annoyed me and I snapped at her in training. RJ was there, he defended me and said it was not bullying. I did not belittle her, she annoyed me and I did not ask for her help. You are not sorry. You did blacklist me. When I first messaged your friend’s Mrs, you then told everyone I had lied about us sleeping together. I know, I have sources from so many different people telling me Bea would be saying awful things about me in a locker room. I was booked on a show where I was promptly removed once people knew I was on it. That was at the Lucha Britannia venue, I wonder why. You have not apologised to me, and you and I did get on well before you started dating that fool you call a fiancée.

Pollyanna admitted she could be difficult towards Bea, but she never bullied her. RJ Singh commented to say there were tensions between Bea and Pollyanna, but never bullying.

Ospreay commented by saying there were more incidents that others didn't see

Priestley has not made any public comment regarding the matter. 

Fightful will continue to update fans on the story as more is known.

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