Will Ospreay Questions Seth Rollins Calling Him "Little Guy" When They're The Same Height

Will Ospreay further elaborates on his back and forth with Seth Rollins and talks the impact that New Japan has had on the wrestling world.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay and Universal Champion Seth Rollins were the talk of social media over the past few days as the two champions engaged in a back and forth that derived from Rollins expressing that WWE has the best professional wrestling in the world. Rollins and Ospreay have respectively done a podcast over the week and commented on their exchange and Will Ospreay further commented on the matter when he spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. Will shared that it made him laugh that Rollins called him "little guy" when they are the same size and questioned why Rollins brought Ricochet into the conversation to begin with.

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“The whole thing makes me laugh,” said Ospreay. “He put out there, ‘Find me anyone alive that does the same schedule that I do and performs at the same quality.’ I just said, ‘I’m alive.’ Yeah, you’re on the road for 300 days a year, sorry I’m not–I’m doing 250. His response was to say, ‘Little guy.’ I’m the same bloody height as you. Then he said he has Ricochet, a better version of me. Why is he involving someone else? Ricochet is the man, and he’s one of the best at this style. But why get him involved? This is between me and you. I feel like Rollins has respect for me and I’ve got respect for Rollins, and I’d love to have a match with him one day, but right now, that’s not my vision.”

Will Ospreay feels that New Japan produces the best professional wrestlers in the world. He added that the majority of stars in All Elite Wrestling and WWE honed their skills and/or developed themselves under the New Japan banner.

“Our company produces the best pro wrestlers in the world,” said Ospreay. “I understand the alternative–if you like WWE, that’s fine–you like the stories. If you like All Elite, you want something different. But New Japan Pro Wrestling is the pinnacle of what pro wrestling should be, and the pro wrestling fans should come and watch because this is the best. I’m not saying that on Twitter to Seth Rollins, I’m literally saying that because I truly believe it in my heart of heart. Every person that is a star in WWE or All Elite Wrestling came from this company. This is where they got good, this is where they applied their trade to make themselves the stars that they are. No one’s leaving anytime soon, we’re all sticking together. Now is the time for us to take center stage and show the world that we are the best professional wrestling company in the world, and right now, I feel like I’m untouchable in the ring. I feel like I can get in there with anyone and bring out their best game. I’m more than ready.”

Seth Rollins also discussed his former Shield brethren Jon Moxley's comments about his experiences in WWE and to check out Seth's response, head over to Fightful's published article about the topic.

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