William Regal Explains Why He Hates Tajiri

William Regal and Tajiri were linked together twice during their time in WWE and even won tag team gold together but away from the ring, the two wrestlers mixed like oil and water.

Regal reflected on his past with Tajiri during the latest episode of "Story Time", which is carried on the WWE Network.

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Tajiri and Regal first worked together when Tajiri made his debut on WWE television in a comedic role as Regal's assistant. Then, in 2005, the two joined forces again as a thrown-together tag team and won the titles at a Raw taping in Tajiri's home country of Japan.

That's when Regal and Tajiri began traveling together, and that's when the troubles really began, according to Regal.

"We had a wonderful chem together and magical moments but I hate him, with an absolute passion," Regal said. "I drove with him for tens of thousands of miles and he used to bring out the worst in me. He would insist on driving and he can't drive. He was awful. He would insist on driving with no music. He's scared of music. He used to say he was scared of certain things or did'nt like certain things. I think he just did it to wind me up. So we used to sit in total silence honestly for 300 mile drives."

Regal noted he would retaliate by getting inches from Tajiri's face and making annoying noises (which really have to be heard and cannot be done justice by the written medium).

"I used to question my own sanity and occasionally he'd look across from the steering wheel and he would go, 'I hate you,' " Regal said.

Regal and Tajiri dropped the tag titles at Backlash 2005 in a gauntlet match that was won by The Hurricane and Rosey.

Tajiri made a short-lived return to WWE last year as part of the field for the Cruiserweight Classic.

Check out "Story Time" on the WWE Network.


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