WrestleMania 36: WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match Result

Smackdown Women’s Championship
Five Way Elimination Match
Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Tamina

The match begins with Bayley and Banks attacking Tamina before Tamina fights everybody off, everybody attacks Tamina again and Tamina fights them off again. Tamina then takes turns dropping everybody with rights, Naomi grabs Tamina’s leg and that allows Evans to nail her with a chop block. Bayley and Banks work together to knock Tamina out of the ring, Banks and Bayley then work together to battle Evans and Naomi. Banks sends Evans into the corner before Bayley lands a knee strike for a near fall, Naomi returns to work with Evans against Bayley and Banks. Evans and Naomi nail Banks and Bayley with drop kicks for a near fall, Naomi and Evans battle each other until Tamina takes them both out. Tamina then lays out Banks and Bayley with a double clothesline, Tamina takes over the ring as she tosses everybody all over the place, Tamina hits Evans and Naomi with a running butt smash. Tamina goes after Bayley and Banks makes the save, Tamina then nails Evans with a super kick after Banks landed a knee strike.

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Team BAD has a brief reunion until Tamina nails Banks with a super kick, Naomi nails Tamina with a stunner for a near fall. Evans and Naomi go for a double pin on Tamina and they get a near fall, Banks then hits Tamina with a 619. Bayley then hits Tamina with a top rope elbow drop, Banks then lands a top rope frog splash on Tamina. Evans and Naomi nail Tamina with their own versions of the moonsault before everybody pins Tamina for a three count (Eliminated: Tamina), the action resumes with Bayley and Banks leaving the ring before getting attacked by Naomi and Evans. Naomi then takes out Banks with a dive, Bayley avoids an Evans dive before taking out both Evans and Naomi. Bayley gets Naomi back in the ring for a few near falls on a few pin attempts, Bayley corners Naomi before stomping away on her. Naomi fights back and she gets double teamed by Bayley and Banks, Banks misses a running knee strike and Naomi rolls up both opponents for a double near fall. Naomi then nails Bayley and Banks with a double sliding slap, Naomi follows up by landing a stunner on Bayley.

Naomi then hits a charging Banks with a Rear View before taking Bayley out with a Beautiful Disaster, Naomi goes for a submission on Banks and Bayley stops it. Banks gets Naomi in a Bank Statement and Naomi taps out (Eliminated: Naomi), the action resumes with Evans getting back in the ring before getting double teamed by Bayley and Banks. Bayley and Banks nail Evans with a double slam for a near fall, Banks drags Evans to the corner before Bayley accidentally nails Banks with a knee strike. Evans then catches Bayley in a few roll ups for a few near falls, Bayley recovers and she nails Evans with a knee strike for a near fall. Bayley mounts Evans and she attacks her with a bunch of strikes, Banks gets back in the ring and she confronts Bayley. Evans nails Banks with a Women’s Right for a three count (Eliminated: Sasha Banks), the action resumes with Bayley attacking Evans with a ton of strikes and elbow drops for a near fall. Bayley keeps Evans near the ropes while wrenching away on her head, Evans fights back and Bayley nails her with more strikes.

Evans recovers and she nails Bayley with a series of clotheslines followed by a neck breaker, Evans then gets trapped in the ropes before landing a stunner for a near fall. Bayley holds Evans down while landing knee drops to the shoulder, Bayley keeps Evans trapped in the corner while tying her down with a tag rope. Bayley attacks the trapped Evans with a plethora of unanswered strikes, Evans eventually drops Bayley with a boot to the face. Evans gets free and she attacks Bayley with a ton of kicks, Evans then nails a cornered Bayley with a seated senton. Evans goes to the top rope and she lands a double jump moonsault for a near fall, Banks returns and she nails Evans with a back stabber. Bayley then hits Evans with a front DDT for a three count (Eliminated: Lacey Evans).

Winner: Bayley, still the Smackdown Women’s Champion

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