WrestleMania XXIV Returns To WWE Network

On January 10 it was discovered that WWE WrestleMania XXIV was missing from WWE Network.

No explanation was given as to why the show had been removed from the archive.

The show is now back on WWE Network and according to Mike Johnson at PWInsider, it had been removed due to the entrance music of Floyd Mayweather. The show had to be removed and re-edited with a new theme.

Indeed, if you watch the show currently uploaded on WWE Network, you will hear a dubbed theme during Mayweather's entrance for his match against The Big Show.

Johnson reports that other programming featuring Mayweather's theme used during his WWE appearances could be taken down and re-edited to remove the song.

There were previous issues with the music during the DVD production of the show as a lawsuit was filed in 2010 by producer Anthony Dash, who claimed Mayweather used his copyrighted material for his theme. The court ruled in favor of Mayweather in 2013.

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