Wrestler Learns You Can't Use A Weed Wacker To Put Out A Fire On Your Crotch

At the PWT Southern Sickness Cup over the weekend, wrestler JJ Allin (JJ Escobar) had an extremely tough time.

Allin was down on the outside when his crotch was lit on fire by his opponent. Instead of stopping, staying dropped, and rolling -- though "that shit don't work," according to Nick Gage -- or getting a fire extinguisher, a weed wacker was brought out to help with the fire.

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It went about as well as you would think it went for Allin.

The video ended up going viral, but not because a man got his crotch lit on fire and a weed wacker failed to put it out.

The video went viral as Twitter user "Dr. Death Steve Wheeliams" appeared at the end of it wearing a "Life's too short to bet the under" Barstool hoodie.

Top members of the Barstool team took notice.

Poor dude got his balls lit on fire and weed wacked and all anyone can talk about is the guy in the hoodie.

Cole world.

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