Wrestler's Court Was No Match For The Comedy Stylings of Edge and Christian

Former WWE champions Edge and Christian were around during the heyday of The Undertaker and John Bradshaw Layfield. Back then, whenever a wrestler would break a rule, they would appear in wrestler’s court, which is not unlike real court, if real court had a deadman as the judge. 

On the latest Pod of Awesomeness, Edge and Christian talked to former famed WWE writer Brian Gewirtz about the mystical wrestler’s court and their appearance in front of judge Undertaker. 

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The duo had to appear in wrestler’s court following Edge gifting Gewirtz with a Flash action figure, that he had gotten for free. The boy’s in the locker room took this as them trying to pay off a writer to get on the show.

“That was the thing that I never understood,” began Edge. “We were already on the show. We were already clicking on all cylinders. We were already doing TLC matches. We’re killing it.” 

Not only did Bob Holly catch Edge giving Gewirtz the figure, there was also a rumor that Edge and Christian went to Gewirtz house for a family dinner, which they say never happened. Gifting free action figures and rumors of a writer-wrestler feast have consequences. Wrestler’s court consequences.

“You guys were completely prepared for it,” said Gewirtz. 

“We received an anonymous tip from, we’ll call him…’Burt Angel,’” said Christian. The mysterious “Burt Angel” told Christian that they would be appearing in wrestler’s court for “kissing ass with the writers.”

Gewirtz explained that wrestler’s court is a “time honored tradition” where the entire roster, the agents, and the referee show up for the proceedings. Gewirtz showed up with pizza and beer, thinking it would just be a couple of people discussing the misunderstanding and moving on. 

“We decided that we were gonna flip it back on them,” said Christian. “We decided on making a book because a lot of the talent were getting book deals at the time. We took a book and we took it to (the prop guy). We said, ‘Hey, we need this book and we need the cover to be our picture and we need it to say, Edge & Christian: How To Kiss Ass - Our Road To The Top’ as the name of the book."

Christian continued by saying that they would own up to the ass kissing and they would take the fall for “all of the ass kissers on the roster.” Following the speech, they presented the book, which had the entire locker room bursting in laughter. “Bob Holly had tears coming out his eyes, he was laughing so hard,” said Christian.

“After we left, Triple H came up to us and said, ‘That’s the best defense I’ve ever seen in my life,” he continued. 

Gewirtz explained that, while Edge and Christian were doing prop comedy and making everyone laugh, he was shown no mercy by the locker room. He tried to correct Bradshaw on the pronunciation of his last name, but that backfired as he was met with silence and a mean look from prosecutor Layfield. 

“I think that was one of, if not the last wrestler’s court because what we did was show how to turn it on its head,” said Edge. “How to turn a really ridiculous, asinine, infantile thing on it’s head is just to go with it.”

Christian said that they had a week before they were sentenced. During that week, they figured out a way to buy off judge Undertaker, playing to his love of Harley Davidson bikes and boxing.

“We bought this $150 Harley Davidson coffee table book. Then we went and found these Champion roundtable interviews with boxing champions. It was a whole series and bought him the whole series of those. We went and we left it in the judge’s locker room. When we left, we found the judge and said, ‘Settlement is in your locker room.’ He said, ‘Alright, I’ll assess it and I’ll let you know what you sentencing is.

“A couple hours later he walked past us, didn’t even look at his, he just stopped and said, ‘Boys, I don’t even think there’s gonna be a blemish on your record.’ And keeps walking.” 

Gewirtz thought that was a nice gesture, but pointed out that only Edge and Christian left the gift. “I had to write a 1,000 word essay on why I respected the business, which I was happy to do. And I did it and I got an A+ on it. Judge liked it. I didn’t write it like a wiseass, I wrote it sincerely.” 

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