Wrestling Has Helped Ronda Rousey With Her Apraxia

There's a reason Ronda Rousey might not appear comfortable on the microphone. 

In a new interview with USA Today, Rousey opening up about her struggle with a speech disorder and how talking in front of a live audience has been the most difficult part of her journey into pro wrestling.

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"I grew up with apraxia, which is a motor speech disorder. I had years of speech therapy, and I’ve always had problems slurring or mispronouncing my words. In the ring, it’s so important that you speak so clearly and you’re easy to understand and that you don’t falter at all, that it makes me more nervous and more likely to actually mispronounce things. It’s been really great for me to be able to work on it and overcome those fears that I’ve had since I was a little kid."

Many were critical of Rousey's promo ability when she first joined WWE. She would come off a little awkward and unnatural in certain segments. In the build to her Raw Women's Title match against Nia Jax, Stephanie McMahon served as a mouthpiece for both competitors. 

When she first debuted at the Royal Rumble, the audience was generally favorable, although a vocal minority weren't thrilled to see her. Since then, Ronda has won over many of those fans with how quickly she's come along. 

"I expected everyone to boo me out of the building from Day One, and every time I walk out there, I feel like I’m just falling in love with every single person at once. It would be fun to turn (bad) one day but it’s addicting to have all that positivity."

Rousey challenges Alexa Bliss this Sunday at SummerSlam. Fightful will be here with complete coverage and a post-event podcast

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