WWE Clash Of Champions 2017 Match Ratings, Notes From Sean Ross Sapp


  • Whoever is writing for Naomi needs to not write for Naomi. Then Tamina shows up, then the rest of the girls, then they all argue, because that's all that women do I guess. "Thats right, Ravishing One" was a line. Natalya talks about TSA pre-check and shit and refers to the title like it's a person. 
  • New Day are in the social media lounge.
Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka And Randy Orton vs. Braun Strowman Set For 4/19 WWE Raw

Mojo Rawley defeated Zack Ryder

  • Ryder and Mojo have brought some great self made promos before this
  • A lot of people were talking about this being on the main card, but I think it being here with the benefit of having crowd heat in the first match was good.
  • Ryder starts out aggressively, which makes a lot of sense.
  • A few good spots from Mojo -- running Ryder into the barricade, a shoulder to the knee, and his sick running elbow finish.
  • This was fun stuff for these two.


WWE United States Championship
Dolph Ziggler defeated Baron Corbin (c) and Bobby Roode to win the WWE U.S. Title

  • You think Byron Saxton tries to hammer home the "if it didn't happen in WWE, it doesn't matter" thing tonight or did Daniel Bryan son him appropriately?
  • I like that Dolph Ziggler belonging here was a talking point. I don't love that his theme song was scratched again after returning last week. Odd.
  • Fast and furious action with little down time.  Corbin has great heat with the crowd. 
  • There are some stiff clotheslines from Baron Corbin in this one. 
  • Tower of Doom spot got a great reaction, but they're so overdone. 
  • Beautiful counter of the Glorious DDT into the Ziggler DDT. This match is "lit" as the kids say on the streets
  • The finishing sequence of this match is outstanding. Roode connects with a spinebuster and Glorious DDT on Ziggler. He's pulled out of the ring by Corbin despite thwarting an earlier attempt. As Corbin lands his finish on Roode, Ziggler Zig Zags him for the win. Awesome opener. 
  • Wait I thought the son of a bitch didn't have entrance music? It's playing now.
  • Baron Corbin isn't happy backstage. He's going off.


Backstage Crappenings

  • Painful segment backstage with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan discussing the plausible nature of two refs.


WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Usos (c) defeated New Day, Rusev Day and Training Day

  • Rusev and Aiden English are over huge as babyfaces. Enormous reaction. English sings a song. It's awesome.
  • Also awesome, Big E pouring cooked pancakes on a child. 
  • To round off the awesome category, Usos cut a great promo before the match.
  • The match breaks down immediately and there are a lot of scary but rather unimpressive dives. Shelton and Jimmy Uso impress with a belly-to-belly superplex. 
  • A little different watching four people work a hold at once. This is a completely different way of having to work. 
  • Oh my god that Mushroom Stomp was absolutely hideous and awesome.
  • Great short powerbomb by Shelton, and another one he catches Kofi with off the top rope. The ref doesn't care that he's in the ring while Gable has a Texas Cloverleaf applied I guess. English pulls him out and hits his finish. Then he does a sweet spinebuster on Gable for two. 
  • There are a sick number of false finishes, and this great crowd loves it. Big E tries to work out of the Accolade, but Gable comes in and WRECKS SHOP.
  • Alley Uso gets the win after an awesome match.

Smackdown Women's Championship Match
Lumberjack Match
Charlotte Flair (c) defeated Natalya

  • Lumberjacks get involved early.
  • I really resent Natalya taunting in every championship match she has. It eliminates a sense of urgency in my eyes.
  • Her sell of chops by throwing her hands up every time is odd, too. 
  • This camera work is miserable. Naomi does and awesome springboard dive and it felt like there were 72 camera cuts. 
  • Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter, and the Lumberjacks pull her out. This is a mess.
  • Carmella teases a cash-in, but it gets broken up. 
  • Charlotte managed to hit none of those women with a moonsault to the outside. 
  • A quick Sharpshooter counter into the Figure 8 gets the win, and this overbooked travesty is over.
  • Natalya cuts a scathing promo and cries. Best promo of her career.

Bludgeon Brothers defeated Breezango

  • This is a squash

If KO And Zayn Lose, They're Fired From WWE
Special Guest Refs: Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon
Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton

  • Bryan and Shane McMahon are really trying to figure this out. 
  • Orton botched a clothesline attempt. 
  • Hilarious spot where for some reason Shane McMahon argues that Nakamura having someone in a triangle excludes him from having his shoulders counted for the pin. It was a nice flying triangle through.
  • Zayn's Blue Thunder Bomb is always great. 
  • Bullfrog splash through the table takes out Nakamura. 
  • Daniel Bryan causes a missed two count and Shane is livid.
  • There's a small package reversal where both guys count two.  Shane then screws KO and Zayn, but when Shane isn't looking Bryan does a fast count!

WWE Championship
AJ Styles (c) defeated Jinder Mahal (w/ Singh Bros.)

  • Styles does a leg kick sweep to Jinder on the outside. Ouch.
  • They did 3 zooms on the Snake eyes onto the ropes.
  • Jinder whipped AJ Styles HARD into the barricade.
  • Jinder is working over the midsection. We see a nice gutbuster, and Styles landing on the ropes
  • Styles has a great, fast strike comeback, and someone as big as Jinder bumping for his clothesline makes it look even better.
  • Jinder hits a nice heaving flapjack. He's really working over Styles. 
  • Styles has to take out the Singh Bros, but eats a Khallas for two. This ref has a bad cadence.
  • The Calf Crusher gets it done. 
  • That was nothing special. Some will praise it for methodical work, but this wasn't my kind of match at all.
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