WWE Confiscates Signs At Raw, Superstar Unhappy

Curtis Axel returned to his home state of Minnesota for this week's Raw, but his night wasn't ideal.

Axel appeared on the show and cut a promo in front of his hometown crowd, before dropping a match to longtime partner Bo Dallas. The tactic is often used by WWE, as they have a talent local to the area put over a heel to get more heat on him.

The real problems for Axel started after the show, when he was informed by a fan on Twitter that WWE had several signs in support of Axel confiscated at the arena.

Multiple fans contacted Axel to inform him of the situation and Axel would re-tweet dozens of tweets supporting him. Fightful.com reached out to WWE in regards to the signs, but didn't get a response on the matter. The company often takes signs that are graphic, explicit or controversial in nature, but we've heard nothing of the sort as it pertains to the signs taken.

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