WWE Crown Jewel 2021 - Hell In A Cell - Seth Rollins vs. Edge Result

Edge survives.

Edge bested Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell in what many believe to be the conclusion to their rivalry. The violent affair was highlighted by tables, ladders, chairs, chains and camels (during the entrances) with both men going to great lengths to end the night of the opponent.

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The finish saw Edge hit the stomp on Rollins onto the chair to secure the victory. Rollins seemed to have things in hand after a superkick with a chain around his boot, but Edge blocked a stomp attempt with a chair to the groin.

Hell in a Cell Match
Seth Rollins vs Edge

Edge drives Seth into the corner and lays into im with right hands before the two exchange strikes until Edge drops Seth across the top rope and drops him with a boot before Seth rolls out onto the apron and snaps Edge's neck across the top rope. Seth hits a springboard knee before Edge rolls out of the ring and Seth misses a spear before Edge drives him into the side of the cage and the steps before tossing him back inside and bring in chairs. Edge hits a DDT for two before breaking a chair and Seth fights off a cross face with the piece of the chair before Seth hits a sling blade and sends Edge into the side of the cage before tossing him back inside. Edge hits a baseball slide into the side of the cage before Edge locks in a cross face and Seth hits Edge in the eye with a piece of the chair before hitting a diving splash for two before setting up a table at ringside. Edge fights off a powerbomb through the table at ringside before Edge knocks Seth off of the top and into the side of the cage and down through the table before Edge brings half of the steps into the ring and hits an Edgecution onto the steps. Edge hits a diving elbow drop with a chair onto Seth before Seth counters a spear into a pedigree for a near fall before Edge hits a bucklebomb into spear for a near fall before Edge slides a table and a ladder into the ring. Edge sets a ladder up in the corner before Seth dodges a spear and Edge runs into the ladder before Seth slams the ladder onto Edge before setting up a table in the center of the ring before lying Edge on the table and setting up the ladder. Edge gets up and climbs the opposite side of the ladder before Seth hits a sunset bomb off of the ladder and through the table for a near fall before hitting a series of superkicks and a superkick with a chain wrapped around his leg. Seth then lies Edge onto the chair before Edge drives a chair into the groin of Seth when he goes for a stomp before Edge superkicks Seth and locks in a cross face with a chain before transitioning to a cross face with a piece of a chair. Edge then a stomp of his own onto a chair and hits Seth with his own finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Edge defeats Seth Rollins via pinfall.

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