WWE Cruiserweight DESTROYS Former 205 Live Opponent On Twitter

Welcome to a slightly uncomfortable edition of


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where I report on Twitter beefs both worked and shooty

this one is entirely of the shoot variety
and it makes me feel a little icky

Okay, so a little context:

Back in December, WWE Cruiserweight Mustafa Ali had a chance to perform in front of his hometown crowd in Chicago on an early episode of 205 Live. His opponent was billed as "John Yurnet" but many indy fans knew him as "Mr. 450."

The match never really got started, as you can see from the embedded video below.

Yurnet appears to hurt his knee and they go straight to the finish.

After the match Yurnet posted this on Instagram:


Sorry to all my fans. Blew my knee out at #205live will keep everyone updated.

A post shared by The Last Of My Kind (@mechawolf450) on

Immediately some naysayers on Twitter posted links to videos of matches from the weeks leading up to the 205 Live bout that show Yurnet hobbling around on that bad leg, seemingly proving that he went into the match injured.


This is fairly necessary to information to have heading into this Twitter diatribe posted last night by Ali.

Here we go.

For the record, Ali is like THE most positive guy on Twitter. This whole thing is really out of character for him.

Yurnet sent out a Tweet, since deleted, that called Ali a coward for not tagging him in the attack.

It appears as though Yurnet has deleted all of his Tweets related to this exchange. Some of them were not nice.

Originally, he got on Ali for not responding to some of his Tweets.

A fan got involved, referencing the "fake injury" noted before.

Not sure if this next fan was trying to be ironic, or what.


Fellow WWE Cruiserweight Cedric Alexander joined the conversation at this point. 

The "allegedly" choking women thing he mentioned is referring to this incident over WrestleMania Weekend. If true, it objectively makes Mr, 450 a disgusting pile of excrement.

Ali then tried to bring it back to some semblance of civility.

After noting that Yurnet had blocked him on Twitter, Ali offered this as a last word.

I guess if nothing else, this means we get to see Mustafa Ali bust out a new move in his next match.

So that's something.

But man, this thing got ugly.

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