WWE Edits Out Entire 'This Is Your Life' Portion of Alexa/Bayley Segment For YouTube

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So it looks like the WWE is fully aware of what a dumpster fire that "This Is Your Life" segment was.

If you missed it, count yourself lucky.  Basically Alexa Bliss, completely hamstrung by a terrible script, went back to the "Bayley is still a child who loves wrestling too much" well, and brought along paid actors. Terrible, terrible paid actors. One of them was supposedly Bayley's teacher, Mrs. Flapper, and the other two somehow-worse-actors were playing Bayley's best friend Tracey and ex-boyfriend Phi from high school.

It ended with Tracey and Phil making out. Because reasons.

Booker T, you took the words right out of my mouth.

And WWE knows what it did, because they edited out all of the 'This Is Your Life' stuff from the segment on YouTube.  Go ahead and click on it up there at the top of the page. It begins with Bayley launching a seemingly unprovoked attack on Alexa, who is standing in the ring with unexplained blue carpet and a props table for no apparent reason.

It should be noted that the segment remains fully intact on the 90 minute Hulu edition, for what that's worth.

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