WWE German Announcer Carsten Schaefer Departs Company

WWE German announcer Carsten Schaefer announced he is no longer with the company. 

In a message written on Facebook (via the Wrestling Observer), Schaefer accused former WWE Germany General Manager Stefan Kastenmüller of bullying. The post has since been deleted. 

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Schaefer wrote, "In recent time I was asked a lot if I'm still doing commentary on WWE PPVs or TV shows. Unfortunately I've got to tell you: No. My WWE-time has come to an end this year but this certainly wasn't my decision.

"I want to explain to all of you, my loyal fans and friends, what happened. After I started doing commentary on WWE shows in 1989 everything was fine. I had a good relationship with WWE, the fans and the Superstars, I even went on tour with them through out Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc. This is how it was going for 25 years. Of course we had little arguments but I may talk about this in the near future.

"Eight years ago the German WWE headquarters in Munich was opened. And the man who was the General Manager (Stefan Kastenmüller, who left WWE this summer) is, without exaggeration, the worst human being I've ever met. His goal was to get rid of some long time workers, including a good friend of mine who did great WWE press work, Bernhard Wulff (one of Schaefer’s longtime commentary colleagues) and myself.

"I have no words for the amount of extreme bullying we went through. It definitely cost me some years of my life mentally. It wasn't easy for them to get rid of me. However, Sebastian Hackl and Holger Böschen (current German WWE RAW announcers) stood by the side of the General Manager. Hackl and Böschen? What a joke. Especially Hackl, thinking he has the right to call himself the No. 1 German announcer just because he's a former wrestler. You have to earn it! But that's enough on that topic for now. A couple of years ago the contract between WWE and Tele5 (German tv station) ended and a new contract was made with ProSieben Maxx.

"The General Manager of the German WWE office told the station to get rid of me because I was too old and they wouldn't need me anymore. This is what I was told by some WWE workers in the US. But since the station can decide who is calling the shows his efforts were unsuccessful. WWE wouldn't let me go so I started doing commentary with Calvin Knie and Tim Haber on WWE PPVs in the U.S. which was a lot of fun. But this came to an end in spring of this year because WWE couldn't effort to fly me to the U.S. every month anymore. Calvin and Tim both live in the U.S. so they could do the job on their own. WWE offered me to come back for the big four PPVs, which was hindered by the pandemic. And this is how my time at WWE now ends - with great impact from the efforts from Stefan Kastenmüller and Sebastian Hackl.”

Kastenmüller, who had been Senior Vice President and Group General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, left WWE in September to work for the company behind Sesame Street.

Andy Warkman was hired as the new General Manager of WWE Germany.

Schaefer will continue to do his radio show from Germany. 

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