WWE Hall Of Fame Legacy Inductees For 2017 Revealed

WWE announced their WWE Hall of Fame legacy inductees for 2017, which you can see below:

Rikidozan- One of the most legendary names in Japanese wrestling history, and a member of the NWA and Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Dr. Jerry Graham- Known as Vince McMahon's favorite wrestler as a teenager. Held titles in the NWA, WWA and WWWF.

Toots Mondt- Co-promoted the WWWF.

Farmer Burns- Legendary catch wrestler, who defeated Strangler Lewis in 1895, at only 165 pounds.

Judy Grable- Wrestled for the NWA during her decade-plus run.

Haystacks Calhoun- Held tag team championships in NWA, WWA and WWWF.

Luther Lindsay- Held multiple titles in the NWA, to the tune of at least 19 reigns.

June Byers- One of the top women's wrestlers in history, holding the Women's World Championship and NWA World Women's Championship.

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