WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 - Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins Result

Seth freakin Rollins has finally defeated Cesaro.

At WWE Hell in a Cell 2021, Seth Rollins defeated his most recent arch nemesis in singles competition in a very serendipitous fashion.Before Cesaro could apply his signature giant swing, Seth Rollins was able to roll up the Swiss athlete in a small package for the count of three.

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Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

Cesaro goes right after Seth and drops him repeatedly before booting him off of the apron and onto the floor before beating on him at ringside and bringing him back inside where he drops Seth with uppercuts in the corner before Seth hits a flat liner into the middle turnbuckle and pokes Cesaro in the eye. Seth hits a DDT before choking Cesaro in the ropes and dropping him with right hands before Cesaro counters a suplex into one of his own before Seth sends Cesaro over the top rope and down onto the floor before hitting a diving knee off of the apron. Seth tosses Cesaro back inside and hits a springboard knee for two before Cesaro comes back with a flurry and shoves Seth's glove in his mouth before hitting a wrist lock lariat for two before hitting running uppercuts and countering a curb stomp into a powerslam for two. Cesaro hits a diving crossbody that Seth rolls through for two before they exchange strikes until Seth hits a falcon arrow for a near fall before hitting Black Magic for a second consecutive near fall before Cesaro counters a stomp and drops Seth with a discus lariat. Cesaro then swings Seth before locking in a cross face and Seth rolls over for two before Cesaro locks in a sharpshooter before Cesaro stomps his arm and Seth wins out of nowhere with a small package.

Winner: Seth Rollins defeats Cesaro via pinfall.

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