WWE Match Ratings For Smackdown Live 7/3/18, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp


  • We are treated to a nice Team Hell No video package, and they're brought out to the ring.
  • Bryan sporting a blue shirt. The whole brand is blue, but at least it's a contrast from what all the other wrestlers wear.
  • Kane and Daniel Bryan run down their history, and Kane says Bryan always has a demon watching over him. Bryan says "well, not always," which is a nice nod to their longtime split. Then Bryan outright goes off about Kane beating him up all the time. 
  • Kane wants a fresh start. There's a NO-YES battle. Corporate Kane really should have culminated in him revealing he'd been tearing down the Authority from the inside to help Bryan.
  • The Usos interrupt and cut a great promo. They say hugging doesn't earn you a title shot, but they hugged four times so they can get a shot. 
  • Paige comes out and Bryan has to hold it together when she calls it the "Smackteam Tag Team Championships." Usos vs. Team Hell No, if the Usos win, they're added to the match.
WWE Championship Match Set For March 8 WWE Raw

WWE United States Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) defeated The Miz 

  • More weird Jeff Hardy stuff backstage, but his face paint is cool.
  • The Miz answers Jeff Hardy's challenge. 
  • Miz dodges Hardy's early Swanton attempt as we go to a break. We're welcomed back by Miz booting Jeff in the teeth.
  • Hardy lands a baseball slide but eats barricade outside. During a commercial, Miz works over Jeff with a Figure Four. 
  • Hardy kicks out of a DDT and hits Whisper in the Wind for a two. The ref catches Miz pinning with his feet on the ropes.
  • Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb. Pin.

First Annual July 3 Pancake Eating Contest.

  • Fortunately, a stupid pancake eating contest between New Day gets broken up.
  • Sanity, those guys who got pinned by the Usos are attacking New Day. At least it makes sense. Usos get a chance at a title match and Sanity have to jump New Day.

James Ellsworth (w/ Carmella) vs. Asuka

  • Asuka cuts a backstage promo on "sexist pig" James Ellsworth. Ellsworth cuts a really generic one himself.
  • Carmella comes to ringside to support Ellsworth. 
  • Ellsworth keeps powdering out. 
  • Airplane spin and a ROUGH spinning back fist. He then RUNS AWAY. 
  • They're counted out and Carmella attacks when Asuka isn't looking.
  • Backstage, Paige books Ellsworth and Asuka in a Lumberjack match next week. 

AJ Styles defeated Aiden English (w/ Rusev)

  • AJ Styles comes out and cuts a promo, and is welcomed by Rusev who cuts a pretty simple one of his own.
  • This is only AJ Styles' second Smackdown Live match since the Greatest Royal Rumble.
  • Rusev hilariously distracts AJ long enough for English to attack. The latter hits a bad looking full nelson facecrusher.
  • Styles gets an Ushigoroshi called as "a shot to the back of the neck." A Calf Crusher gets the submission.
  • Rusev attacks Styles. Rusev heeling didn't get him over. Being a very colorful personality did. Accolade is applied.

Becky Lynch defeated Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

  • "She's a sidekick who deserves to be kicked to the SIDE"- The IIconics are wonderful.
  • Peyton Royce uses her great spin kick to Becky while she's on the top rope in the corner. I loved this spot. She follows up with a spinning Samoan drop.
  • Becky makes her comeback with a Bexploder and a one legged drop kick. 
  • This is clunky, but not bad or anything. Fights are messy sometimes.
  • Disarmher gets the win. This was a short one. No entrances, either.


  • Jeff Hardy vs. Nakamura is announced for Extreme Rules for the U.S. Title. 
  • Nakamura cuts a promo on his phone about why Jeff Hardy wears face paint. 

For Title Opportunity
Team Hell No defeated The Usos

  • Bryan wants Kane to apologize for a list of things he has. Kane apologizes, and is really trying to make it up to Daniel Bryan.
  • Bryan busts out the surfboard immediately. Kane grabs both Usos by the throat and chucks them outside.
  • Double Uso suicide dives on Kane! We come back from commercial seeing Bryan clean house. 
  • Bryan is worked over, but tags Kane, who plays his hits. He also gets hit with superkicks.
  • Usos go for their splash but get caught by the throat. Chokeslam and a Bryan knee, and Team Hell No wins.
  • This wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Kane looked every bit of 51. 
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