WWE NXT Recap (7/6): American Alpha vs. Revival Tag Team Title Match, Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley, ECW Original

By Ryan Cook

We are live from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida for this weeks NXT. Tonight promises to be a good one as we have a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NXT Tag Team titles in our main event.

- We open with an announcement of the NXT tag team titles being on the line tonight in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss

Bayley comes out to a big pop, the nxt fans clearly missed her in her absence. They mention about how she will definitely come back and she'll set her sights on Asuka. Alexa is coming out with a new outfit it looks like. Bayley takes control to start the match, but Alexa quickly turns the tables after a rope slingshot and an early two count. As Alexa keeps Bayley grounded they mention the fan Performance Center tickets for July 25th. Bayley picks Alexa up and powerbombs her into the second turnbuckle as the crowd is getting behind her. Alwxa tries a roll up but Bayley turns it into a 2 count then Alexa hits Bayley with a superkick as we go to our first commercial break.

As we come back from the break Alexa is hammering Bayley on the ground. Alexa is using the technique where she uses the rope to try and hyper-extend the arm, she did that last week as well. Bayley makes a comback and goes for a quick 2 count then Alexa hits her Insult to Injury double knee stomp into a backflip double foot stomp. After Bayley kicks out Alexa powerbombs Bayley and goes for a pin. The two exchange pin fall attempts, roll ups, back shoulder slides until Bayley hits a belly to back suplex. Bayley goes to the second rope but is immediately yanked by her leg off and after Alexa goes for a double knee stomp from the top rope Bayley counters and hits the Bayley to Belly for the win.

Winner: Bayley by pinfall with the Bayley to Belly

Afterwards Bayley cuts a promo on how she lost to Asuka and mentions Nia Jax and how she got what she belives is her opportunity at Takeover as Nia comes out to confront her. They exchange words and have a staredown as they agree to one more match.

They cut to a video package for TM61, formerly known as TMDK. I can see them going far in NXT, they've literally been everywhere but WWE over the years. We then cut to The Revival backstage being interviwed about their title match later tonight.We then get another commercial, but this time for the Cruiserweight Classic as Blake and Murphy quickly enter the ring.

Blake & Murphy vs The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley)

Blake and Mojo start off the match and there's quickly decention between Blake and Murphy as Rhyno comes in and Gores everyone. Well that was over fast...

Result: No Contest

They then cut to a video package for Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor. Triple H, Tye Dillinger, American Alpha and Neville do a great job at putting the two over. They show old pictures of them together and show clips of the interview segment they did last week along with some great pictures of the two with each others families.

We cut to backstage where we get American Alpha's take on the 2 out of 3 falls match tonight. We then get a vignette that Samoa Joe is coming back next week as they cut to Rhyno outside who refuses to explain why he's back in NXT as he seemingly walks out of the parking lot.

The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) vs American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan)

This is our main event for tonight, a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NXT Tag Team titles. Gable and Wilder start off the match as Gable shows off some impressive flexibility. Gable then tries to lock on an ankle lock, but Dawson quickly helps get himi out of it. After Dawson is tagged in Gable drags Dawson over to the corner and tags in Jordan. There's a lot of back and forth until we have a reset. Dash and Dawson then resort to their corner control, a lot of double teaming and frequent tags. American Alpha reover and hit a double drop kick to knock The Revival out to the floor as we go to a commercial in the form of a vignette for Finn and Shinsuke next week.

After the break it's Dawson and Jordan in the ring, but Dawson quickly tags in Wilder and they go back to their signature corner control. Dawson and Wilder are in complete control at this point. They're focusing a lot on Jordan's leg, including using the ring post. After a dropkick Dawson goes for a 2 count then tags in Wilder who continues to focus on the leg of Jordan, keeping him grounded. Jordan gets a tiny bit of offense, but Wilder sprints over and tags in Dawson who again takes control of Jordan who desperately tries to tag in Gable.

Gable finally gets in alternates offense on both members of the revival, going for a pin after a T-Bone suplex. Gable then goes for a roll up, but only gets 2 and after Gable runs the ropes Wilder pulls the rope down and sends Gable flying outside. We then go to a video package for WWE Battleground. As we come back Dawson is laying it on Gable and after getting a 2 count Dawson brings Gable back to the corner, tags in Wilder after more double team offense. Wilder yet again tags in Dawson who does some offense then tags in Wilder; it's a good strategy I'll give them that, they keep the ring cut off better than anyone else.

Wilder then goes out of the ring, but gets right back in before Gable can even move then he tags in Dawson as Jordan is getting frustrated, drawing the ire of the referee and inadvertinly distracting him from a pin by Dawson. After a spine buster Dawson gets a 2 count as the crowd chants "Alpha". Gable despartely tries to tag Jordan, but Dash and Dawson keep him inches away from Jordan who is losing his mind at this point. I'm really surprised we haven't had at least one fall yet, as are the announcers.

Dash goes for the pin and after a 2 count he tags in Dawson when then tags Wilder back in as they go for a double team move and after crawling between Dawson's legs finally tags in Jordan who takes care of both members of The Revival, spearing and getting a 2 count on Wilder. Jordan put an ankle lock on Wilder as Dawson tries to help him, but Gable rushes outside and puts Dawson in one of his own. Jordan gets Wilder to tap out to the ankle lock for the first fall.

First Fall: Jason Jordan via submissioni on Dash Wilder with the ankle lock..

Wilder drags Gable out of the ring as Jordan taps out to a reverse figure four leg lock. That's 2 falls in less than 5 minutes.

Second Fall: Scott Dawson taps out Jason Jordan by submission with a reverse figure four leg lock.

After a lot of back and fourth we have Jordan and Dawson in the ring after another attempted reverse figure four. Gable tags himself in and The Revival hit The Shatter Machine out of no where and take the third fall. This was a really good match that kept the crowd entertained throughout.

Third Fall: The Revival with The Shatter Machine Dawson then gets the pin on Gable for the 3rd and decisive fall to retain their NXT Tag titles.

Winner: The Revival by pinfall after htting The Shatter Machine on Chad Gable.

That's all for NXT this week, come back next week for what should be an amazing night as Finn Balor takes on Shinsuke Nakamura in what has the potential to be a Match of the Year candidate.