WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames Results

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames! Tonight history will be made as in our main event for the first time ever, there will be a War Games match in NXT when SANITY, Authors of Pain w/Roderick Strong and Undisputed Era go head to head to determine which faction runs the roster. We also have Drew McIntyre defending his NXT Championship against Andrade Almas,  a Fatal Four Way match to determine the new NXT Women's champion, Aleister Black faces Velveteen Dream and much more so be sure to come back here at 8 PM EST for all of the action!

-We open with a video package for the Triple Threat War Games Match later tonight between Undisputed Era, SANITY and Authors of Pain.

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Kassius Ohno vs Lars Sullivan

Lars immediately backs Ohno into the corner and chops him before Ohno kicks him away and rocks him with a forearm. Lars charges through a clothesline before kneeing Ohno in the side and sending him out of the ring before hitting a shoulder block off of the apron and to the floor. They get back in the ring and Lars whips Ohno across the ring before Ohno rocks him with a boot, but Lars just turns him inside out with a lariat once he kips up. Lars hits a pop-up powerslam out of nowhere for a near fall before missing a diving headbutt off of the top turnbuckle when Ohno rolls out of the way at the last second. Ohno comes back with a flurry of offense that drops Lars for a near fall, then hits a high angle senton for a one count.

Lars then shoots up visibly angry and gets nearly knocked out by a rolling elbow by Ohno before hitting the Freak Accident for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via pinfall

-We have Undisputed Era in the locker room talking about their match later tonight before William Regal shows up.

-We get a video package for our next match between Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream and how Dream became obsessed with Black and was dead sst on making him say his name.

Aleister Black vs Velveteen Dream

They lock up to start the match for a clean break before they exchange wrist and hammer locks and start grappling. Black locks in a stretching submission, a variation of an octopus before he lets go of it and rolls Dream up for a quick two count. They exchange forearms before Black sends Dream out of the ring, then does his pose, sitting in the ring before Dream slides back in and mocks him with a seductive dance. Dream clotheslines Black before beating on him in the corner and sending him out of the ring, then plays to the crowd as he recovers on the outside, Black getting back in at the last second. Dream superkicks Black and falls on top of him for a near fall before hitting him with right hands in mount, then hits a neckbreaker for another near fall.

Dream puts Black in a camel clutch that he fights out of before Dream ties him in the ropes and repeatedly asks what his name is before Black comes back with a series of fast paced moves that drops Dream. Black hits a running forearm in the corner into a springboard moonsault for a near fall before hitting a mule kick, but Dream hits a rolling DVD for a near fall out of nowhere. Dream goes for an avalanche DVD, but Black counters and hits a running knee ala the Kinshasa for a near fall before Dream hits a variation of a straight jacket DDT for a near fall of his own. Black counters an elbow drop and Dream gets caught in the ropes before Black kicks him in the face and dislodges him only for the two to exchange kicks until Dream collapses to the mat face first and Black sitting down in exhaustion. Black then hits the Black Mass for the pin and the win once they're back to their feet.

Winner: Aleister Black via pinfall

-After the match Dream ends up getting his wish albeit not the way he wanted when Black tells Dream "Enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream." before leaving.

NXT Women's Championship Fatal Four Way Match

Nikki Cross vs Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce vs Ember Moon

Nikki and Peyton immediately go after Kairi and Ember, respectively before everyone hits a move, then Peyton rolls up both Nikki and Ember for a quick two count that Kairi breaks up with a running neckbreaker. Ember clears the ring before Kairi hits a running seated senton off of the apron only for Ember to hit a tope to the outside and take them both out. Nikki and Ember exchange forearms before Ember powerbombs her onto the floor, then Kairi tosses her back into the ring and hits her with a series of chops in the corner before finishing with a shoulder tackle. Peyton catches Kairi in the ropes and puts her in a unique submission before Ember superkicks her and she's forced to break the hold. Kairi and Ember exchange forearms before Ember jumps over Kairi and Kairi spears Peyton before Ember catches her on the top turnbuckle.

Peyton runs up and hits a German suplex as Ember hits a superplex off of the top, then Peyton covers Kairi for a near fall. Nikki hits a diving cross body and takes everyone in the ring out before hitting a spinning fisherman's neckbreaker for a near fall on Kairi that Ember breaks up. Nikki hits a draping neckbreaker to Ember before Peyton hits her with her finisher for a near fall that Kairi breaks up. Kairi then piles Peyton onto Nikki before hitting the Insane Elbow onto Peyton for a near fall that Ember breaks up. Peyton takes out both Kairi at ringside and Ember in the ring before Ember hits a double Eclipse and pins Nikki for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon pins Nikki Cross to become the new NXT Women's champion.

-Asuka and William Regal get in the ring after the match and Asuka hands Ember the belt before the two share a hug and Asuka raises Embers' arm before Ember celebrates in the ring as we go to commercial.

NXT Championship Match

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Andrade Almas

Drew backs Almas into the corner and beats on him to start the match before the referee makes him back off. Almas slaps Drew before putting him in a side headlock that he powers out of,Almas hitting a jawbreaker before hanging in the ropes, only to be kicked out of the ring for his troubles. Drew gets out of the ring and tosses Almas back into the ring before hitting him with a forearm when Almas goes for a tope to the outside. Almas gets out of the way when Drew goes for a spear, Drew hitting the ring post shoulder first before falling out of the ring. Almas picks Drew back up and rolls him back into the ring before hitting a backbreaker into a reverse DDT for a one count.

Almas locks in an armbar in the ropes like Minoru Suzuki does until the referee breaks it up, then puts Drew in a straight armbar in the center of the ring. Drew comes back and throws Almas across the ring before the two exchange forearms until Drew drops Almas repeatedly with clotheslines. Drew hits an overhead belly to belly suplex and a pop-up Celtic Cross for a near fall before Almas hits a tornado inverted DDT for a near fall of his own. Drew counters Almas' hammerlock DDT into an inverted Alabama slam for another near fall before Almas hits a springboard dropkick that sends Drew off of the top turnbuckle and to the floor. Drew catches Almas, but Almas hits a huricanrrana into the ring post before hitting a moonsault off of the top and to the floor.

Almas rolls Drew back into the ring for a near fall before Drew catches him on the top rope and counters a superplex by putting Drew in the tree of woe. Almas then hits a double foot stomp off of the top turnbuckle into the running double knees in the corner for a very close near fall. Drew hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall before Almas rolls him up for a near fall, then Drew hits the Future Shock DDT out of nowhere for another very close near fall. Almas counters an avalanche Celtic Cross before hitting the running double knees to the back of the head of Drew for a near fall. Almas beats on Drew in mount before getting out of the ring and grabbing the belt, Zelina hitting a spiking huricanrrana in the ring as the referee is distracted before hitting the hammerlock DDT for a very close near fall.

Drew hits the Claymore for a near fall, Zelina putting Almas' foot on the bottom rope at the last second before Almas ducks another Claymore and sends Drew over the top rope and out onto the apron. Almas then hits the hammerlock DDT off of the top rope for the pin and the win when Drew tries to go for another avalanche Celtic Cross.

Winner: Andrade Almas defeats Drew McIntyre via pinfall to become the new NXT champion.

Triple Threat War Games Match

Eric and Strong go after Adam, chasing him when he goes for the second ring, then double teams him before they have a Mexican standoff. Everyone hits a move, including Strong who hits one of his signature backbreakers, then Cole knocks Eric and Strong off of the top rope and crotches them. Cole tosses Strong into the other ring while beating on Eric in the second ring. Cole hits an ushigaroshi to Eric before getting in the ring with Strong, beating him down in a corner and choking him with his foot. Adam hits a neckbreaker to both Eric and Strong before Strong comes back with a series of chops and a clothesline that drops Adam.

Strong takes out both Eric and Adam before reDRagon come in and UE start triple teaming Strong and Eric before Authors of Pain get in the ring. AOP beat down all three members of Undisputed Era and tosses Adam and Eric out of one ring and into the other. AOP toss Strong as well and he takes out all four men in the other ring before AOP hit a double DVD into opposite corners. The rest of SANITY finally get into the ring and the match officially starts, Wolfe and Dain getting in the ring and Wolfe beating everyone down with a night stick while Dain puts chairs, trash cans, kendo sticks and a chain in the ring. Dain gets tables out from under the ring and brings them in the ring before Wolfe sets one up and Kyle hits himself in the face with a chair when he accidentally hits the ropes with it.

Dain locks the cage once he gets in, then swallows the key he locked the door with before taking out AOP with a running splash in the corner and a senton dropkick. Dain hits a diving cross body and takes out everyone else before getting a quick two count, then takes out Fish before hitting a Michinoku driver to Kyle onto Fish. Dain hits a double fall away slam like Michael Elgin does before he and Rezar exchange forearms between the rings until Dain hits a running cross body. Akam hits a powerslam before everyone else hits a move and UE hit Chasing the Dragon. Dain turns Adam inside out with a lariat before reDRagon drop him with kicks, then Kyle takes out Wolfe before locking in an armbar with a chain.

Eric breaks it up with an elbow drop before Fish hits a moonsault onto Eric, then AOP hit a double ring Super Collider with Dain in the middle for a near fall. Eric hits a DVD to Akam for a near fall before Strong exchanges forearms with Adam and Strong hits a backbreaker to Cole and Wolfe. Strong hits an Olympic slam to Dain for a near fall that Adam breaks up with a superkick before they hit a double tower of doom in both rings, Cole left out of it somehow. AOP set two tables up in one of the rings before Wolfe hits a super German suplex through a table while Adam hangs onto the top of the cage, inching around the top of the ring. Dain turns Kyle inside out with a lariat before hitting a coast to coast dropkick into Kyle into a trash can, then Strong gets up on top of the cage and hits a superplex off of the cage and onto everyone in the ring. 

Dain and Akam exchange strikes between rings before AOP hit the Last Chapter between the rings. reDRagon hit a double team move to Rezar before SANITY hit one of their own. Strong and Adam exchange forearms before Eric takes out Strong and Adam takes out Eric with a kendo stick. Adam then hits a shining wizard into a chair to Eric for the pin and the win.

Winner: Undisputed Era via pinfall

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