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- Ted DiBiase arrives at the arena before we get a video package for the Million Dollar Championship Ladder match between Cameron Grimes and LA Knight as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to earlier today where The Way nearly got into a brawl with Kyle in the parking lot before GM Regal runs out and gets between the two parties.

- We get a video package for the NXT Women's Championship match between the champion Raquel Gonzalez and the challenger Ember Moon before we see champion and challenger arriving to the arena earlier today.

- Earlier today Bronson Reed and MSK are interviewed ahead of the Winner Take All Six-Man match where both the North American title and the Tag Team titles will be on the line at the same time against Legado Del Fantasma who are then interviewed after MSK and Reed.

- We end the show with a video package for the NXT Championship Fatal Five Way between the champion Karrion Kross, and the challengers Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano.

Main Show

Winner Take All NXT North American/Tag Team Championship Match
MSK (c) & Bronson Reed (c) vs Legado Del Fantasma

Lee and Raul exchange flips and head scissors before running the ropes and Joaquin and Nash come in and exchange arm drags before Joaquin rolls Nash up for two before Nash dropkicks him and Bronson comes in before Santos makes Raul come back in. Bronson runs Raul over before Santos come in and gets man handled before making Joaquin tag in and MSK double up on Joaquin for two before Reed and MSK triple team Joaquin for another two count. Santos comes in and sends Carter out of the ring before Carter hits a moonsault and everyone takes turn hitting topes before Santos hits a frankensteiner for two before stretching Lee and hitting a brainbuster before LDF triple team Lee for two. Reed comes in and runs over Raul and Joaquin before hitting a double running splash in the corner before hitting a double Samoan drop and Santos comes in and hits the Phantom Driver for a near fall that Carter breaks up. LDF then hit their double team finisher for a near fall that Lee breaks up before Reed tackles Santos through the barricade and MSK take out Joaquin and Raul before Reed hits a diving splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed and MSK retain their respective titles via pinfall.

Xia Li (w/ Tian Sha) vs Mercedes Martinez

Xia and Mercedes immediately lock up and spill out of the ring before Mercedes hits a back drop and beats on Xia in the corner before hitting a fall away slam and Xia chokes her in the ropes before sending her into the post. Xia stretches Mercedes around the post before kicking Mercedes through the ropes and down onto the floor before accidentally kicking the post when Mercedes ducks before Xia drops Mercedes with a knee and Mercedes hits a butterfly suplex. Mercedes then hits several knees before BOA pulls Xia out of the ring and gets between her and Mercedes before Mercedes shoves him out of the way and tosses Xia back inside the ring before Xia hits a whirlwind kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Xia Li defeats Mercedes Martinez via pinfall.

- After the match Mercedes attacks Xia and BOA with a chair before Mei makes her way down the ramp and throws Mercedes off of the side of the ramp and into the barricade.

Million Dollar Championship Ladder Match
LA Knight vs Cameron Grimes

LA and Cameron lock up before Cameron chops LA and rocks him with uppercuts and drops him with a clothesline before kicking him in the chest and sending him out of the ring with a head scissors before LA slides a ladder into the ring. LA dumps Cameron out of the ring and tries to throw a ladder at him before Cameron dodges it and LA clotheslines him before they have a tug of war over the ladder and LA sends Cameron into the barricade and steps. LA sends Cameron into the barricade and wedges a ladder between the apron and barricade before hitting a slingshot shoulder tackle and putting the ladder that's already into the ring into the corner. Cameron Germans LA into the ladder before hitting LA with it and LA hits a neckbreaker onto the ladder before setting a large ladder up in the center of the ring before LA gets sent into a ladder set on top of the top turnbuckle. Cameron kicks LA repeatedly before LA rips him down to the mat by his hair before Cameron hits a back drop onto a ladder that's propped against the ropes before Cameron sends LA over the top rope and onto the ladder between the apron and barricade.

Cameron grabs the golden ladder from the stage and brings it into the ring before they climb the ladder on opposite sides before Cameron shoves LA down and LA shoves the ladder over before Cameron hits a standing Spanish fly. They end up on the ramp before Cameron dives off of the lighting rig and dives onto LA before Cameron sets the ladder back up and climbs it before LA goes for a powerbomb and Cameron sends him over the top rope and down onto the floor. Cameron then climbs the ladder before LA tilts it back and sends him off and backwards onto ladders on the ramp before climbing the ladder and grabbing the belt for the win.

Winner: LA Knight defeats Cameron Grimes to become the new Million Dollar Champion.

NXT Women's Championship Match
Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai) (c) vs Ember Moon

Ember goes right after Raquel before she goes for a running cross body and Raquel shoves her backwards when she's in the air before Ember hits a head scissors before Raquel sends her Ember into the barricade before rolling her back inside for two. Raquel counters an early attempt at an Eclipse and hits a diving, twisting senton before stretching Ember for two before Ember superkicks her and rocks her with an enzuigiri before hitting a code red for a deep two count. Ember locks in a submission before Dakota helps Raquel get to the ropes for the break before Ember hits a suicide dive and a basement flat liner for two before Dakota distracts her when she goes up top. Raquel hits a superplex for two before Ember gets two off of a sunet flip and Raquel boots her before Ember counters a suplex into a stunner before Ember hits an MX and an Eclipse before Dakota throws Raquel's leg across the bottom rope for a near fall. Shotzi then shows up and chases Dakota to the back before Ember hits a tornado DDT onto the ramp and rolls Raquel back inside for a near fall before Raquel counters an Eclipse and hits a one-armed powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Ember Moon via pinfall to retain her NXT Women's title.

NXT Championship Fatal Five Way Match
Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) (c) vs Johnny Gargano vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Pete Dunne vs Adam Cole

The action immediately spills out of the ring before Kross takes turns taking all of his opponents out one by one when they meet him in the ring before Kross is sent out of the ring and Kyle locks in an armbar on Adam before Pete locks in a double submission on Johnny and Kyle. Kross powerbombs Pete on top of Johnny and Kyle before pointing to Adam and beckoning him in before Kross goes out after Adam and Adam counters a powerbomb before Johnny and Pete sends Kross through the door on the stage. Back in the ring Johnny takes out both Adam and Kyle before Pete rolls Johnny up for two before Johnny counters an x-plex and throws Pete into Kyle and Adam in the corner for two before everyone but Kross exchange strikes until collapsing. Kross comes back and slams Johnny onto the edge of the apron before hitting him with an F5 for two before Johnny clears the ring and Adam superkicks him before Johnny and Adam counter each others finishers. Johnny hits a reverse piledriver for two before Pete and Johnny take out Kyle and Adam hits Pete with a knee as Johnny hits Pete with a poison rana before everyone team up to take out Kross and Kyle takes out Pete and Johnny before Kross turns him inside out.

Kross hits everyone with a German before everyone rock Kross with kicks and Kyle and Adam powerbomb Kross onto the announce table before the four men minus Kross pair off and brawl before Adam clears the ring and hits a suplex onto his knee with Kyle for a near fall. Pete and Adam exchange before Johnny and Adam superkick Pete in midair for two before Adam gets a near fall on Kyle and Pete drags him out of the ring before suplexing him onto the floor and facing off with Kross. Kross and Pete get back into the ring and Pete lays into Kross with strikes before Kross hits a German and Pete hits The Bitter End for a near fall before locking in a triangle and elbowing Kross in the head before everyone else breaks up the hold. Kross hits a double Saito suplex before knocking Adam out of the ring with a forearm before locking in a choke on Pete before Pete snaps his fingers and Johnny hits Pete with One Final Beat before countering a Kross Jacket for a near fall. Adam then breaks up the hold with The Last Shot before Kyle hits a diving knee drop for a near fall that Adam breaks up with a superkick party before Kyle nearly submits Adam before Kross locks in the Kross Jacket on Kyle while he still has Adam in the submission before Kross chokes Kyle unconscious for the win.

Winner: Karrion Kross retains his NXT title by defeating Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano via referee stoppage.

- We end the show with GM Regal backstage as he exits the arena and alludes to stepping down as general manager of NXT as we go off the air.

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