WWE NXT UK Results for 10/14/21 NXT UK Championship Match Ilja Dragunov vs A-Kid

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Blair Davenport vs Stevie Turner

ACH Returns To Pro Wrestling, Confronts Buddy Matthews At 10/17 Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Event

Stevie goes right after Blair and drops her repeatedly before hitting a running knee for two before hitting a running uppercut in the corner before Blair comes back with a shotgun dropkick. Blair hits an enzuigiri for two before hitting a snap mare into a low dropkick for two before shoving and slapping Stevie before they exchange strikes until Stevie clotheslines Blair. Stevie hits a boot into a trio of neckbreakers for two before hitting a buzz saw kick for a near fall before Stevie hits a side effect for a near fall before Blair drops her with a roundhouse and hits a Kamigoye into a Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Blair Davenport defeats Stevie Turner via pinfall.

- Earlier this week Sha Samuels hosts a celebration for Noam Dar winning the Heritage Cup Number One Contender Tournament last week as we go to commercial.

- We get a video package for Teoman and Rohan Raja.

- Jinny and Joseph Conners meet with Sid Scala with Sid informing Jinny that Meiko accepted her title challenge and the two will face off for the NXT UK Women's title in three weeks time.

Sha Samuels vs Flash Morgan Webster

Flash attacks Sha and rocks him with an enzuigiri before landing on his feet when he comes off of the top before chopping him in the corner and Sha catches a kick before dropping Flash with a clubbing chop. Sha drops Flash with a back elbow and suplexes him before grounding the high flyer until he comes back with a dropkick into a suicide dive before he goes for a diving cross body and Sha rolls through and holds onto the tights for a near fall. Flash then hits a flipping senton off of the top before rolling him back inside for two before headbutting him and goes for a springboard tornado DDT that Sha counters and plants Flash into the mat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sha Samuels defeats Flash Morgan Webster via pinfall.

- We go to the PC where Nina Samuels interviews Xia Brookside as we go to commercial.

- Gallus barge into Sid's office with Jordan Devlin already meeting with Sid before they agree to a rematch with Mark and Wolfgang barred from ringside.

NXT UK Championship Match
Ilja Dragunov (c) vs A-Kid

Ilja and A exchange wrist locks and standing switches before A takes Ilja down and Ilja locks in a head scissors hold before they grapple on the mat before getting to their feet and exchanging strikes. Ilja checks a leg kick before hitting a German and the two counter each other's submission attempts until Ilja turns A inside out with a clothesline before Ilja focuses on the injured leg of A. Ilja drops A with a roundhouse kick before countering a German and going back to the leg of A before clotheslining him and the two exchange standing switches before A focuses on the now injured arm of Ilja. A hits a release German before kicking Ilja in the chest and blocking a takedown attempt before hitting an enzuigiri into a fisherman's suplex for a deep two count. Ilja chops A in the side of the neck before they exchange and collapse before Ilja elbows A in the side of the head and suplexes him for a near fall.

Ilja goes up top before missing a missile dropkick before A hits a PK into an armbar before transitioning into a sleeper before hitting another PK for a near fall before going right back to the sleeper. Ilja gets to his feet before driving A into the corner to break the hold before Ilja stops A up top and hits a superplex before A dropkicks Ilja when he goes for Torpedo Moscow for a near fall. Ilja and A then exchange strikes before collapsing before Ilja counters a triangle into a powerbomb before Ilja spears the leg of A and hits Torpedo Moscow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov retains his NXT UK title by defeating A-Kid via pinfall.

- After the match A and Ilja hug and shake hands before A leaves and we go off the air with Ilja celebrating.

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