WWE Raw Match And Segment Ratings, Analysis, Notes From Sean Ross Sapp (10/9)

The Mizzies

  • Bo Dallas is absent. Wut da hayo.
  • Miz hands out awards to Curtis Axel and The Bar. They all take turns talking trash rather well until Miz gives himself an an award. 
  • Roman Reigns needs new music if this reunion is going to continue.
  • Reigns says the rumors of a Shield reunion aren't rumors. Big pops all around. 
  • They kick a bunch of ass, but Seth Rollins has to hold Sheamus forever.
  • Triple Powerbomb. Fist. How do you not cue up the Shield version of the music there?
  • There's a hilarious "Roman watches Chrisley Knows Best" sign.
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Jason Jordan defeated Karl Anderson (w/ Luke Gallows) 

  • Jordan is out here solo tonight, and they're still trying to babyface him. They're still trying to heel Gallows and Anderson, too. It's not working on either account.
  • Karl Anderson looking for a tag when he's beaten up is excellent.
  • Anderson whiffing on his corner spot was really great. 
  • Jordan dead weights Anderson and gets his finish. Wow. 

Backstage Crappenings

  • Miz mocks Kurt Angle asking if he has any injuries. 
  • There's a lame women's backstage segment where they all interrupt each other. Alicia Fox is as good as Sasha Banks is bad in this. 

Elias defeated Apollo Crews (w/ Titus O'Neil)

  • Titus gets a great reaction for his interruption and song. Elias being interrupted again, though -- come up with something new.
  • Elias has great reactions to this.
  • We see a lot of offense out of Apollo, but he loses again. 
  • Why isn't Elias getting title shots at this point? He's been pinned once.

Enzo and Angle

  • Enzo calls out Kurt Angle, referring to him as "Sexy Kurt." That promo was about 13 years ago so many probably just think Enzo finds him sexy. 
  • Hose me down. Kurt Angle explained that cruiserweights have their own contracts. Awesome. That explains why Kalisto can beat up Enzo.
  • Enzo is acting like a spoiled, entitled star. It fits so well. He's good at it as he is most things on the mic. 

Braun Strowman defeated Matt Hardy

  • Oh no. Poor Matt.
  • Matt's offense is ugly, but watching him bounce off the ropes with his awkward hip sockets is entertaining. The fact he's wrestled his whole career like that is incredible.
  • Matt Hardy is getting honest to god chants against Braun Strowman.
  • WWE has been underrated in their consistency of in-ring bookings at time. Braun isn't technically sound and sometimes has a tough time with veterans.
  • A tornado DDT gets a big pop, as does the Twist of Fate. KICKOUT AT ONE!
  • Chokeslam, chokeslam, powerslam. Braun wins.
  • Matt Hardy had a better match with Braun Strowman than Brock Lesnar.
  • Don't have Strowman beat Lesnar and be a great champion, just have him beat the rest of the roster I guess.
  • Braun Strowman tearing up everything and everyone should have been what brought the Shield out in the first place. They show up and kick his ass anyway. 
  • God dammit they brought back those stupid camera cuts. 
  • The Shield's presence gives WWE cameramen Parkinson's
  • Shield powerbomb through the table.
  • Backstage, Miz gets Angle to let him get another partner...it's Braun!!

Mickie and Alexa

  • Mickie James is out and goes off on Alexa. She sounds like a woman angry about being called out on Facebook and it works.
  • Alexa comes out and trolls Mickie with a funny old-timey tribute video. Great.
  • Mickie James and Alexa avoid contact as Alexa pulls the ol' pretend walk to the ring, then back away


The Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher defeated Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

  • Harmless match. Gallagher throws a great dropkick for a guy in that outfit.
  • Are those work clothes or shoot clothes. How does he dropkick like that in those?!
  • This is probably the first time many Raw viewers ever learned Gallagher is a heel.


  • Finn Balor isn't afraid of Sister Abigail. It's a good thing, because she's on the titantron rambling her ass off. 
  • Is Sister Abigail a bee? She sounds like one and she talks about pollinating flowers and shit
  • Finn Balor sold the Sister Abigail thing like Hurricane Katrina just hit. This is so dumb

Winner faces Asuka
Emma defeated Sasha Banks, Alicia Fox, Bayley and Dana Brooke

  • This could be fun or terrible.
  • Michael Cole doesn't know the rules of the match. Yikes
  • Dana and Apollo among the most pointless call-ups ever. Dana is still as green as goose shit. 
  • Dana gets beaten really quick by Bayley. Then Bayley pinned by..........Alicia? Well. Cool. I like Alicia.
  • There's some sloppy offense in this, but I'm a sucker for Sasha's knee moves.
  • Sasha taps out Fox. Emma uses a sloppy roll up to pin Sasha. 
  • Good win for Emma, good reason to give her a win, good spot. Match sucked but whatever.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Lumberjack Match
Kalisto defeated Enzo Amore (c) to become WWE Cruiserweight Champion

  • "I'm not over so here are some hispanic guys who were! Cheer me!"- Kalisto before this match.
  • Sometimes I forget how good Kalisto is in the ring. For what Enzo does, I think he's fine. 
  • Booker T explaining the cruiserweight division's motivation for Kalisto winning is good, until the heels attack him. Like, don't they all hate Enzo?
  • Enzo has some cool offense in the corner stomp and the schoolboy into the buckle.
  • Breathtaking superplex to the outside of the ring onto the lumberjacks! 
  • Enzo Amore has been delivering weekly as the main event.
  • Mustafa Ali pulls Enzo out of the ring after his finish. Super Salida Del Sol! 
  • New Cruiserweight Champion. That was a lot of fun.
  • It was a good idea to highlight this division on this night. 
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