WWE Raw Match Ratings For 11/13/17- Shield Reunion! Triple H Returns! A Broken Ring!

Opening segment

  • Stephanie McMahon berates Kurt Angle. Change the channel heat.
  • She's about to fire him, but the Shield stops her. The age of the heel authority figure is gone. Stop it.
  • Reigns asks where the hell Stephanie has been. He owned this segment, and Shield challenge New Day
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Survivor Series Qualifier
Bayley defeated Mickie James and Dana Brooke

  • There are no flappy pants. Just flaps. She needs to start doing a seated senton instead of a Flying Thesz Press.
  • Mickie hit a really nice neckbreaker on Bayley and there was a weird double facecrusher that looked good.
  • Asuka tried to help Dana Brooke, but killed her after getting popped in the face.
  • A Bayley to Belly wins it. I'd really like a Bayley vs. Mickie James singles match. 

Enzo Amore and Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa & Kalisto

  • Gulak and Enzo are a great pair.
  • 10 front dropkicks? Not the match for me.
  • A couple of nice suicide dives, though, which I think should be done less often. Enzo took a nice bump off of it and made Tozawa look good. Enzo is mastering the art of making other people look great while winning
  • Enzo gets a crafty win. Fair.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Kurt Angle books all his homies, and then Braun says he wants Kane. Ah here we go with Braun. We're a month away from him saying "I DID IT 4 ALL OF UUUUU. THE DUBYADUBYAEEE UNIVERSE"
  • Charly Caruso has a great, commanding voice for her role. Alexa Bliss says she usually just DVRs Smackdown and she might go there tomorrow for the title match. 

Jason Jordan defeated Bray Wyatt

  • Jordan hits some stuff HARD!
  • Wyatt looks like he's gained a little weight.
  • Jordan gets a win out of nowhere and Bray kicks his ass and attacks the leg.
  • Backstage, Angle doesn't think Jordan will be ready for Sunday. Jordan does a great job pleading.

 Heyman and Lesnar

  • Heyman does the Heyman PPV sell. He's good at it. He really puts over AJ Styles and gets a cheap Georgia pop.
  • A guy proposes in the crowd that gets "she said yes." Paul Heyman destroys the poor guy.

The Shield defeated Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus (w/ Miztourage) 

  • I don't like that Ambrose brought back that silly ass dropkick he used to do. Roman Reigns' clotheslines in the corner aren't and better.
  • Reigns sets up a boot and a Samoan drop really well by bouncing off the middle rope.
  • Ambrose has a well placed suicide dive that makes sense on Miz. 
  • There's a great sequence of a flip out of the Neutralizer then a Superman Punch while Cesaro tries to hit the spinning Swiss Uppercut.
  • The Shield win with a triple powerbomb. Their match at Survivor Series is a foregone conclusion but could steal the show.

Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan and TRIPLE H

  • I would have liked that if they didn't make Jordan recite the tagline of the fucking PPV.
  • Jordan conjure up tears, and I've seen a lot of people hating on it, but he did good. He was acting like a child a little too well for a man who is a decorated legit wrestler.
  • Triple H returns, says he's the fifth member and Pedigrees Jason Jordan.
  • Damn.

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe defeated The Good Brothers

  • This was the longest way possible to tell the story that Balor can trust Samoa Joe.
  • The crowd wants to like Samoa Joe really badly, and it looks like WWE is letting them do that for now.
  • The chemistry is off the charts for these teams for it being a standard paint by numbers WWE tag match. Anderson and Gallows work with Balor and Joe really well.
  • Ordinary man, extraordinary shit.

Braun Strowman kills Kane

  • This is going to be a real ass kicking.
  • Braun takes a hilarious bump into the stairs. Then he puts Kane through the ring.
  • Welp. End of show.
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