WWE Raw Match Ratings For 2/26/18 And Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp

Asuka, Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax & Mickie James

  • Alexa runs down her opponents in a good promo. She's joined by Mickie James, but when Alexa makes her jokes and jabs, Mickie doesn't react to them too much. She pokes fun at the sign pointing, too.
  • Asuka comes out without pomp and circumstance to a big pop. Alexa makes fun of her English.
  • Nia Jax runs out and Asuka briefly fights her off until she's overwhelmed. Bayley and Sasha try to make a save and get beaten up, too. 
  • This is made into a damn six woman tag team match. The tenth in the last three months.
  • Solid work, and then Nia Jax runs through Sasha Banks outside the ring.
  • I just wanna say that virtually everyone in this match is a storyline dumbass. Commentary even brings up Sasha turning on Bayley. Fortunately, Bayley leaves Sasha hanging. Graves has a great reaction to this.
  • Asuka gets the tag, and runs wild. Bayley comes in to help her, and Asuka submits Mickie.
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John Cena

  • Cena comes out and preaches about his failures, before challenging The Undertaker for WrestleMania.
  • He then says that match won't happen because he's told it's impossible.
  • Instead, he'll go through Smackdown to get a WrestleMania match. I'm assuming he'll face Shinsuke Nakamura at FastLane.

Bray Wyatt vs. Heath Slater doesn't happen

  • Wyatt attacks Rhyno and then runs over Slater, who sells it perfeclty.
  • "Delete" chants ring out. Wyatt pretends to dance with Slater and hits him with Sister Abigail.
  • Bray Wyatt says he will face Matt Hardy again.


Seth Rollins defeated The Miz (w/ Miztourage)

  • It would be hilarious if Miz finds out Braun Strowman is his WrestleMania opponent and spends six weeks trying to lose the IC title to get out of it. Either way, Miz speaks on his worth, and Seth Rollins comes out.
  • This is a well worked match that takes up some good time. Rollins has put it out there over the last week.
  • Rollins' Slingblade is kind of funny to watch, because he barely grabs the opponent, but all the other motion makes it look way more impressive.
  • Impressive to see where The Miz was in his career a few years ago, wrestling on Main Event, and now he's the glue of the Raw brand.
  • The Superplex into Falcon Arrow is one of WWE's best spots right now.
  • Rollins' dive is particularly great because he was able to take out three people with one spot.
  • Rollins does a frog splash ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE RING for the win. Wow.
  • Finn Balor comes out and interrupts and......... he has a match with Miz, but Balor gets attacked by Miztourage. The Good Brothers make the save. Angle kicks everyone out. 

Finn Balor defeated The Miz

  • Good on Graves calling out The Miz for not just taking a countout. 
  • Balor has really made an effort to switch up his in-ring work since last summer. I think I've enjoyed as many matches of his during that period as his entire run prior. 
  • Balor starts using the YES kicks and gets a two on a running dropkick. I still can't pretend to understand the running dropkick to the outside.
  • Balor gets the win. Rollins isn't impressed backstage.
  • The Miz just ran 45 minutes between promos and wrestling.

Roman Reigns

  • Reigns says that he's not covering for Lesnar -- he left Las Vegas.
  • Reigns goes off on Lesnar, saying he hides behind his contract. He calls Lesnar entitled and says he isn't scared.
  • This was a 10/10 promo, and it's a good way to help get new fans behind him. This is far from Lesnar's first time using contract leverage to his advantage or being less than motivated during WrestleMania season. It's almost a trend at this point.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
2 out of 3 Falls

The Bar (c) defeated Titus Worldwide (w/ Dana Brooke)

  • Sheamus immediately Brogue Kicks Titus for a win.
  • Why the hell would this match happen again? From a logistical standpoint.
  • Titus gets Sheamus with a horrifying looking Dominator. Him later pretending he doesn't see Cesaro coming to pull him off the apron is sad.
  • Apollo dives out onto both of The Bar. Surprised Coachman didn't compain.
  • The Bar retain with their finish. Okay.
  • After the match, The Bar runs through all the people they've beaten and injured.

Elias vs. Braun Strowman

  • Elias comes out and takes a shot at Corey Graves. Perhaps appropriately, since Graves has been doing the same to him for several years.
  • This match is a hope spot for Elias, but a lot of stalking by Braun Strowman. Then finally Elias extinguishes Braun Strowman! Well, I mean you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • Elias posts Strowman and tries to go to work on him inside the ring, but Braun punches his way out it.
  • Strowman is way faster than he has any business being. He catches up to Elias and beats him down.
  • Strowman was about to put Elias through a table, but Elias escapes and Strowman gives chase. This continues backstage, which is where fun Braun stuffs usually happens.
  • Elias eludes Braun and a limo is seen pulling up.
  • A short note, but this is the third straight week that there are no cruiserweights on Raw. I would figure WWE would want to use Raw to promote this Cruiserweight title tournament, but I guess not.


  • Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are out and say Rousey is WWE's property and things will go smoother when she learns her role and Kurt apologizes.
  • Ronda Rousey is coming out instead!
  • Kurt Angle stops Rousey. Rousey takes the mic and says she's never been slapped, isn't anyone's property, and isn't going to be disrespected.
  • Kurt says he lied and had pneumonia last week. 
  • Rousey says she'll rip Stephanie's arm out of its socket if she doesn't apologize. Steph obliges. 
  • Triple H hits Kurt Angle on his way out. 
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