WWE Raw Match Ratings And Podcast Notes For 6/4/18 From Sean Ross Sapp

Elias & Jinder Mahal (w/ Sunil Singh) defeated Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

  • Elias kicks off the show and gets a great reaction, but is predictably interrupted by Seth Rollins. They're interrupted by Jinder Mahal and Roman Reigns, and a match is set up. I really hope that this is planting seeds for something Reigns vs. Rollins related down the line and not WWE still trying to get Reigns a positive reaction by affiliation.
  • It works for tonight, and Reigns gets a good reaction from the crowd, especially on his corner clotheslines. The boos are still in there. 
  • Man, I forgot how bad Otunga was on commentary.
  • This very much seems like "we have their money, save it for the pape" work through the commercial. The crowd loves it and goes bananas, so I can't really blame them.
  • Obligatory Falcon Arrow mention. They're playing up that Rollins' neck is still hurt from the guitar attack.
  • Drive By, Superkick, but Singh gets invovled. Rollins does a suicide dive and "hurts his neck." Rollins catches Singh trying to use a chair and takes it away. Elias DDTs him on it and pins Rollins after Drift Away!
  • Some outstanding storytelling in this, what could have been a total nothing opening tag match.
  • Later on there's a HORRIBLE back and forth between Jinder Mahal and Roman Reigns.
  • "I know where you are..." went wrong way.
  • Roman Reigns kicks the shit out of Jinder Mahal. 
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"James Harden" defeated Curt Hawkins via DQ

  • There are a bunch of tacos and shit at ringside, as Curt Hawkins has a jobber to face him.
  • The jobber is "James Harden." They didn't realize what town they were in, because it was changed from "Steph Curry."
  • Harden gets his ass kicked, but Baron Corbin comes out and hits End of Days on Harden.
  • That's 200 losses for Hawkins!! Corbin then throws Hawkins into the tacos.
  • Backstage, Corbin says he went to WWE HQ and Stephanie McMahon has named Corbin a constable. HAAAAA.

Nia Jax defeated Natalya

  • Ronda Rousey is on commentary. It's really, really bad.
  • This match is the shits early on. After the commercial, Natalya drops Nia with a discus clothesline.
  • Nattie is hurt and Nia drops her with a Samoan drop and scores the pin. 
  • Nia Jax is pretending to be concerned about Natayla, but she's a miserable actress. 
  • Rousey faces off with Nia a couple of times. None of this was good. Rousey seemed like a dickweed.
  • Natalya is trying to put weight on her knee backstage, and Rousey doesn't like that Nia is checking on Natalya. Nattie plays mediator. 

Braun Strowman defeated Bobby Roode

  • What did Bobby Roode actually say there? Like, anything? GLOOOOOOOORIOUS. That's it.
  • Roode kicks Braun and gets freefall'd on a Glorious DDT attempt.
  • Braun Strowman hits the ring post™.
  • Bobby Roode sets up a ladder and thinks Braun can't get around it. He breaks it in half. Bobby Roode's facial expression on that was INCREDIBLE.
  • Strowman chases and powerslams Roode. Pin.
  • That was the most entertained I've been by Bobby Roode on the main roster. That was fun.

Top Contenders Battle Royal
B-Team win

  • This has been such a nothing tag team run for Hardy and Wyatt. They cut a pretty long promo that the crowd eventually gets into. 
  • Ziggler gets superkicked out by Breeze and McIntyre beats the shit out of everyone and hit their finish on Bo Dallas. 
  • We go to commercial. Fandango eliminates Konnor, then The Revival chuck out Fandango.
  • Rhyno eliminates Dash Wilder. Why wouldn't you have it set where you eliminate both members instead of having the other just awkwardly leave?
  • B-Team, Slater & Rhyno. Ugh. Heath Slater at least fires up pretty well, but accidentally knocks Rhyno off the apron. 

The night that wrestling died XXVIIIIIIIIIII

  • Bobby Lashley wants to face off with Sami Zayn right now, but Zayn is in the crowd instead
  • Zayn says that he couldn't cook the organic tofu steaks he wanted because of his injury.
  • Sami Zayn makes fun of Bobby Lashley's inspirational quotes and his fan club, but says that he has an anonymous accounts.
  • Sami Zayn says Lashley makes everything up, including his army service. HE'S GONE TOO FAR!!

Bayley (replacing Alexa Bliss), Sasha Banks & Ember Moon defeated The Riott Squad

  • When I see new main roster additions like Ember Moon and Ruby Riott, I wonder what the need to bring green wrestlers up is.
  • Alexa Bliss says she pulled her hamstring.
  • WWE really overdoes it with the fake hair colors. 
  • Sarah Logan just isn't there yet. There isn't a lot of urgency. She killed Ember with a knee and was in no hurry to pin.
  • Ember Moon has a nice double chickenwing reversal. 
  • The Sasha Banks hot tag clotheslines on Liv Morgan were pathetic. The knees and kicks were good though, so was Liv's comeback.
  • Riott Squad essentially do the Unicorn Stampede.
  • Things break down outside the ring, and Banks hits a double Meteora inside the ring, which was a cool spot. 
  • Bayley comes out and for some reason is legal and gets a hot tag, Bayley to Belly and a pin. 
  • Get the goddamn Constable Corbin out here, THIS ISN'T LEGAL. 
  • The legend Baron Corbin is backstage and actually tells Angle he needs to straighten this shit out. 
  • Terrible dialogue between the three winners backstage, when Angle approaches them and says that Riott Squad actually won the match via DQ. Ember and Sasha aren't happy and walk off.
  • Constable Corbin is scolding John Cone.

Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens via DQ

  • Kevin Owens bitches about Finn Balor to Charly Caruso backstage about the meaning of Too Sweet. He's oddly fixated on it early in the match, too. 
  • He's doing the headlock match tonight.
  • Tope con hilo from Balor. 
  • Armbar applied. Okay. There's a double foot stomp and Balor beats up Owens on the feet. 
  • This show had a good crowd, and they weren't given what they deserved.
  • Did anyone really think Balor was gonna win with Eye of the Hurricane?
  • Owens superkick, but Balor counters a pop-up with a Slingblade and his dropkick
  • Owens gets DQ'd for stomping a bunch. Welp.
  • KO attacks Balor and frog splashes him.
  • He grabs a ladder and climbs it to emulate getting the briefcase. Why? I dunno.
  • He can't jump off the ladder and tries to get down. Balor catches him and beats him up. Coup de Grace off the ladder.
  • This Raw was garbage.
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